Strong Immune Formula Granny’s, Now in Turkey

Granny, a brand new vitamin that joins the lozenge group, which we have started to prefer more frequently due to the pandemic, strengthens the immune system with ginger, zinc, propolis and vitamin C. At the same time, the herbal sweetener stevia leaves a delicious aroma in the mouth and the herbal essence Granny protects the body like a shield against viruses.

Thanks to the lozenge developed by experts, sore throats and irritated tissues are relieved and soothed. Granny’s helps to reduce complaints such as swallowing difficulties and throat swelling in mild to moderate sore throats. Granny, which helps to relieve hoarseness thanks to its natural propolis content and to suppress dry cough caused by irritated mucosal tissues with its zinc components, does not contain any artificial sweeteners, as well as meets the daily need for zinc and vitamin C with four of them.

What is Granny’s?

People with hoarseness, sore throat and mild cough are considered among the most preferred vitamins due to their relief and resemblance to sugar in a short time. It is recommended to be taken when symptoms manifest themselves. If used without wasting time, it can prevent the problem before the symptoms intensify. It can also be used if symptoms and pain have already begun. In this case, it helps to pass the process more comfortably.

How is Granny’s used?

It is very simple to use. It is stated on the packaging from how old it can be used and how much it can be taken daily. The maximum amount that can be taken per day is recommended and it means that it can be used at any time and in the desired amount up to this number specified according to the needs of the person. The types of lozenges suitable for use by children are limited.

What are the benefits of Granny’s?

– “Is it good for coughing?” or “Is it good for a sore throat?” If you have questions such as this is effective on complaints. It has the following effects on people with the common cold.

-It looks like a hard candy and is consumed by being absorbed in the mouth. Thus, it activates the salivary glands and facilitates swallowing. It relieves sore throat. It relieves your throat thanks to the antibacterial active ingredients it contains.

-It is good for cough. It especially relieves dry cough by softening the respiratory tract.

-Gives a feeling of freshness. Thanks to the high aroma it contains, it opens the respiratory tract.

-Reduces drug use. It helps the person to feel better and overcome the disease process without taking antibiotics by alleviating the symptoms of the disease.