Olimpos Pharma: “Get active for a healthy and thick hair on your dream …”

p9We made an exclusive interview with Mehmet Yıldır, Olimpos General Manager, about their activities and Capilactif brand 

Could you introduce yourself?

“I have begun to work in Olimpos Pharma as of December, 2014, after I experienced for 20 years in national and international companies in the pharmaceutical sector. I am married and have got two daughters.”

Could you inform us about your company, Olimpos Pharma?

“Olimpos Pharma has been established with 20 years experienced professional staff team which have OTC, hair care, face care, body care also such as solar Dermo Cosmetics experienced managing team. Thanks to our professional staff we focused on Turkish Dermocosmetic Market and decide selective product which is organic ¬based, plant based, health¬ friendly and specialized laboratory, under control of pharmacists, biochemists, professionals. Olimpos Pharma; ensuring that the distributor or products manufactured by itself, makes the precision wound to choose forty and aims to make the most respected and most trusted brand in the market. 20 years of experience in the industry, combining with the professional staff and financial strength, our company OTC, respectful of human hair and personal care products, health and environment friendly as always be on your side, natural and wellness criteria for always giving priority aims to human happiness.”


What about your Capilactif brand?

“Capilactif, a methodology, a philosophy, a result

Carried out its sales and marketing in 15 countries, Capilactif brand is an expert on hair in France. Company is an expert on hair products and plants. It formed composed of 9 specific plant extracts and therapeutic protocols. The CAPIL’ACTIF hair care range, which has been created by a specialized laboratory, under control of pharmacists, biochemists and hair professionals, combines the extraordinary properties of plants with the most efficient active agents, to give your hair beauty and force. Whether it is to re-balance dry or oily hair, help eliminate dandruffs, calm itching or prevent hair loss, our CAPIL’ACTIF specialists provide you with their expertise, knowledge and know-how. Your hair regains strength and vitality. It has Shampoo, Lotion and Serum.”

What about Capilactif product group?

“Capilactif brand contains a particular product group specializing in hair group. Shampoos, lotions, sera and supplements. Created on brand hair treatment protocols and has achieved successful results.

1- Hair loss treatment process,

2- Dandruff removal treatment process,

3- Re-balancing treatment process,

4- Relaxation treatment process,

5- Daily use.

So, we propose to use serum composed of specific plant before you have a loss problems. After waiting for 15-20 minutes, then wash hair with shampoo of our protocol, then rinse. Lastly we apply spray. Using appropriate therapeutic products for our hair, these processes are available for each protocol, we will have restored our hair for the normal health. Our products are a brand is an expert on herbal hair.”

Capilactif what channel your brand will reach consumers?p11

“Olimpos Pharma products are products that help treatment and offered only in pharmacies for the consumer.”

Could we consider that we have a conscious consumers in the consumer channel in Turkey?

“Becoming very selective in hair care products, conscious consumers are now avoid all products containing chemicals and detergent. They prefer pharmacy instead of grocery stores and perfume.”

What are your projects and innovation, as Olimpos Pharma?

“Olimpos Pharma will continue to bring brands and products specializes in hair for the Turkish society, will still continue to bring the project, which will attract the attention of consumers, in the coming days. Working hard with our young and dynamic team, we will continue to grow sector in a healthy and stable manner.”

What would you like to add for the Perfumery and Cosmetics sector?

“OTC, dermo cosmetics and personal care products growing continuously in Turkey as well as in the world market. I suppose, the important thing here is to offer right products for the market, reach end-users with right and trained stuff. Capilactif motto; Activate for healthy and thick hair of your dreams… We wish to be you with many Olimpos Pharma products today and tomorrow.”