With Brand New Method Fat Excess and Sagging Are No Longer a Problem

Today, many methods are used to reduce wrinkles and remove excess fat from the body.

But there is a new generation method with effective results that are distinguished from others procedures. This method is called Elixis Elite and it provides a noninvasive revolutionary treatment form to reduce wrinkles and remove the fat accumulated inside the body. Acupuncture Specialist Selale Kesginci, Md at Emsey Hospital shares her opinions.

What is Exilis Elite method and how is it applied?

Exilis Elite enables to reduce targeted fat which has been accumulated inside the body and provides a noninvasive treatment to tighten the skin. Applied with a scientifically proven, clinically approved and awarded device, Elixis Elite assists to reduce wrinkles and sagging and yields results in 4 to 6 sessions. The metho d is based on use of the fo cused high frequency technology. Exilis Elite is a comfortable and painless procedure that has the ability to target energy with ideal heating and cooling combination that results in the best cosmetic outcome. In addition, Elixis Elite provides wrinkle treatment as well as fast and effective skin tightening by yielding visible results generally after the first session. Exilis Elite can be used as complementary treatment before and after invasive liposuction techniques. This procedure is suitable form patients with moderate fat accumulation and who are not fitted for Lipoplasty procedure. Secure application makes the patients comfortable Using FDA-approved, new generation radio frequency, state-of-the-art ultrasound and krio cooling processes, Elixis Elite is perfectly safe when used in fitted patients. The device is clinically tested. Studies have shown no side effects whatsoever. Body shaping dual technology Patented Elixis Elite technology benefits from radiofrequency that ensures controlled heating on the skin with mechanical effect of ultrasound as well as skin cooling. Ultrasound and radio frequency effect enable access to and treatment of resistant tissue. Elixis Elite targets fat layers while adjusting skin temperature with the contact cooling on the surface and protecting healthy skin structures. RF energy aims to heat targeted deep thermal tissues. Metabolic activity is initiated and fat tissue lypolysis is accelerated. Volume of fat tissues is reduced and fat layer is deconstructed. Stationary thermometer secures homogenous energy dispersion without constantly controlling the tissue temperature. One Elixis Elite session lasts 45-60 minutes. Patients can back to their everyday life routines after the procedure. Elixis Elite is not painful. Optimal results are obtained within one to two months, after 4 sessions. Sessions must be repeated once in every 7 to 10 days. Results can be visible even after the first session and optimum results are obtained after approximately 4 to 6 sessions. Areas of use Primary areas of use of Exilis Elite procedure are; loosening, excess and sagging inside arms, fat accumulated in abdomen, belly and sides of the body, excess fat in stomach and abdominal area, sagging and fat excess on the back, tightening, lifting and constructing backside, shaping hips and inner thighs, back of the legs, other areas with accumulated fat and cellulite, sagging, excess fat and waving on front and inner legs caused by loss of elasticity. Advantages As a safe, effective, delicate and painless method, Elixir Elite can be used in all skin types. The procedure is noninvasive. Patients can go back to their everyday life routine right after the procedure. It is easy to use and it aims for the targeted area and provides a fast shaping solution. Elixis Elite with proven results also offers tightening, shaping and minimizing effects along with a face applicator.