Walmark Gaining Leading Positions

Walmark Export Manager Irena Kupkova claims that Walmark is
continuously gaining leading positions on the nutritional supplements market on the domestic as well as foreign markets.

Claiming that Walmark is gaining leading positions both in domestic and foreign nutritional supplements market, Irena Kupkova added that the company has been producing medicines since 2004. We made an interview with Kupkova in order to gain detailed information about Walmark company.

Could you please tell us about the foundation phase of Walmark company and its activities?

The company Walmark, originally family company, was established in 1990 and during the first half of 90´s had been focusing its business activities on agriculture products and non-alcoholic beverage. Since 1992 Walmark has begun to act in the field of nutritional supplements and cosmetics products. In the beginning of new millennium the management took the decision to change the strategic orientation of the company towards the pharmaceutical business as a field with a high global perspective on the global market. The acquired resources were significantly invested by the company in the development of a brand new pharmaceutical plant complying with the GMP standards and belonging to the most modern in the Czech Republic. Walmark was continuously gaining leading positions on the nutritional supplements market on the domestic as well as foreign markets where it performs its business activities through its own branch offices or local distributors. In addition to nutritional supplements that are the primary source of the company’s turnover, Walmark has also started the production of medicines since 2004. Could you please introduce the products which you offer? The Walmark product portfolio counts more than hundred preparations and consists of a wide range of products, from single-component to specially designed and developed combination preparations and multicomponent preparations. The aim of such a wide portfolio is the maximum effort to satisfy the customer´s needs at various target groups. In all phases of the development of new products and innovations, the latest scientific knowledge and the experience of top experts are used. The use of top-quality raw materials in connection with the high level of the production process is a guarantee of the high quality of all final products. Among the top Walmark brands we rank the following ones: PROENZI – for joint nourishment URINAL – for woman urinary tract MARTIANS – multivitamins for kids  SPEKTRUM – multivitamins for adults GINKOPRIM – for good memory PROSTENAL – for prostate health

Could you please tell us in how many countries Walmark is active?

Walmark is currently active in almost 50 countries of the world. The parent company has been established in the Czech Republic where the manufacturing site is located as well as the company management. Walmark currently has 8 subsidiary companies in the territory of Central and Eastern Europe (Slovakia, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria). Thanks to conceptual market-oriented focus and growing shares not only on Czech but also on other markets Walmark has become the leading manufacturer of nutritional supplements in the region of Central and Eastern Europe with millions of satisfied customers. However, Walmark operates not only in the CEE region, thanks to our export department Walmark entered many other markets of Europe, CIS countries, Middle East, Asia and Africa. We are searching for business opportunities worldwide for successful launching of Walmark products and realizing business activities in countries where Walmark subsidiaries are not presented. Actually, the main goal for 2014 is finding a business partner in Turkey.

Which specifications are you looking for in the companies you want to give distributorship?

We are looking for a partner – importer to build long-term relationships who would like expand its existing product portfolio or for entrepreneurs looking to gain a foothold in the lucrative health industry. The local party will be responsible for importing, registering, distribution and marketing. Our partner will receive marketing and sales assistance from Walmark. Prospective partners will benefit from the company’s extensive know-how in the fields of distribution, selling, marketing and product presentation.

Through which channels will your market your products in Turkey?

Generally I can say that pharmacies are considered to be the most important point of sale and our partner should be focused on them primarily. However, also major retailers as well as independent health food and supplement stores are all potential customers. Recently also e-shops have entered the food supplements market as an option to those existing channels.

Would you like to add anything else?

From my point of view, Turkey is huge and potential market which is able to absorb Walmark products very well. There is no doubt that saturation level of this market is very high and many global players have already entered it before. However, we are confident enough about the products portfolio, its quality, design and our marketing knowledge. Moreover, we are enthusiastic team whose results are visible not only in figures but also in satisfaction of business partners and consequently on final customer´s satisfaction. Therefore I perceive the Turkish market as a big challenge for our growth. You can take advantage of longterm partnership with Walmark in order to assure sustainable growth and profit for your company.