Perfect Looking Teeth with Zirconium Crowns

The aesthetic operations performed along with developing technology in aesthetic dentistry provide real-like teeth.

Comprising aesthetic, robustness, tissue compatibility and naturalness, zirconium crowns are among the most popular methods. Thanks to its light transmitting structure, which can be used both for incisors and molars, zirconium crowns became very popular. They can be designed in the specified color and shape. “It provides beautiful looks as it can be comfortably used during chewing or biting” said Kislaoglu and added that zirconium increases quality level of life and shared his opinions concerning the subject.

Full Support for Mouth Hygiene

Dentist and Prosthodontist Cagdas Kislaoglu explained as follows: “With zirconium crowns, which are developed as alternatives for metal apparatus and providing more satisfying looks aesthetically, it is possible to give any desired color and shape eliminating the faults easily. Thanks to these crowns, which can be applied to any kind of faulty teeth, teeth can have more natural looks that porcelain. Thanks to its non-allergic structure zirconium crowns offer a safe using option providing full support for mouth hygiene.

More Natural Looks with Zirconium

Kislaoglu concluded as follows: “Zirconium crowns offer a longer time of usage in contrast to porcelain. Thanks to its safe ingredient, zirconium prevents teeth and gingivitis diseases and mouth smell, and it provides a comfortable use. Zirconium also offers fast solutions for the ones who do not have time to have orthodontia treatment and these solutions are said to satisfy people. With zirconium crowns, people can have natural looking white teeth and reflect their self confidence to their siles.”