Nuvita Pharmaceuticals has high-capacity modern production facilities

Nuvita Pharmaceuticals continues to provide high-quality and reliable service to its customers and business partners and to contribute to human health with its high-capacity modern production facilities, which it has achieved with all its new investments and developments in its production facility.

Nuvita Pharmaceuticals, which started its operations in 2012, is Turkey’s leading pharmaceutical, supplementary food and cosmetics production company with 100% domestic capital, with its production facility in compliance with quality and international standards in line with its mission focused on human health. Nuvita Pharmaceuticals is a strategic business partner preferred in the sector, which has gained the satisfaction and trust of its domestic and international customers with its understanding of quality and production philosophy in accordance with international standards, its R&D activities based on science, innovative and contemporary approaches in production technology, and its support in licensing. We had a pleasant interview with Eren İlemin, Factory Manager of Nuvita Pharmaceuticals, about the establishment of the company, new modern production facilities and the progress of the pandemic.

Dear Eren İlemin, can you briefly tell us about yourself and Nuvita Pharmaceuticals?
“I graduated from Marmara University Faculty of Pharmacy in 1986. Almost all of my professional career has been spent in the pharmaceutical industry, which has been my dream of working since my university years. I worked as a middle and senior manager in the technical operations departments of local and multinational pharmaceutical companies. I have been working as the “Factory Manager” at Nuvita Pharmaceuticals since 2020.
Nuvita Pharmaceuticals first started its activities in 2012 and is a stakeholder of Orzaks İlaç in the field of production. In line with its mission focused on human health, it is Turkey’s leading pharmaceutical, supplementary food and cosmetics production company with 100% domestic capital, with its production facility in compliance with quality and international standards. With its understanding of quality and production philosophy in line with international standards, its research and development activities based on science, its innovative and contemporary approaches in production technology, and its support in licensing, it has gained the satisfaction and trust of its domestic and international customers, providing the highest quality contract manufacturing service, and a preferred strategic strategy in the sector. is a business partner.
Manufacturing products containing vitamins, minerals, herbal extracts, amino acids, fish oil that increase the quality of healthy life; Nuvita İlaç, which makes contract manufacturing with the formulas it has developed in the fields of immunity, weight loss and joint health, offers different and great solutions to its business partners in this field.”

What about your new production facility?
“Our new production facility, Nuvita Pharmaceuticals, was established in Esenyurt in 2020 on an area of 13,500 square meters and started production in a closed area of 10,000 square meters, and was designed in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and ISO 22000:2018 Food Safety standards with the principle of producing the highest quality. Our facility also has ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System, TSE COVID-19 Safe Production Facility and Halal Certification system.
Our facility, which has state-of-the-art infrastructure systems together with the building automation controlled ventilation system and pure water production system, is equipped with modern production technologies and machinery that meet the needs of our stakeholders and customers.
Product safety is ensured by being designed to provide one-way personnel and material flow, and by monitoring critical production areas with an automation system.
Our products are developed with an innovative approach in the selection of raw materials and packaging materials, in addition to the formulation design, in the R&D stage, in order to meet international standards, and every stage of production is monitored and analyzed.
The production of tablets, film-coated tablets, effervescent tablets, hard and soft (softgel) capsules, powder sachets as solid dosage production forms; solutions, suspensions, sprays and drops are also used as liquid dosage production forms take placein our production facility, which has a very large and state-of-the-art machinery, has an annual capacity of 24 million boxes.
All raw materials and packaging materials are tested in our fully equipped chemical and microbiological laboratories in accordance with international test standards.
All of our product forms are tested using advanced technology devices such as HPLC (High Pressure Liquid Chromatography), GC (Gas Chromatography), UV Spectrometer, FTIR, Atomic Absorption, and high separation power, and stability studies are also carried out in terms of temperature and humidity sensitivity.
All wastes in our facility, which also has sustainable and clean environmental awareness, are grouped as household waste, paper and plastic waste, and contaminated waste with the awareness of recycling. By recycling our paper and plastic waste, we support the protection of natural resources, energy savings and thus investing in the future and the economy.
Our high-capacity modern production facility still provides formulation development, licensing and contract manufacturing services to the leading pharmaceutical and food companies of our country, as well as Orzaks İlaç, and we offer our capacity gap to our customers who want to produce quality and reliable products.”

You mentioned your Research and Development activities. Could you give a little more information about these activities?
“Our research and development activities, which have been awarded the R&D Center Certificate by the TR Ministry of Industry and Technology as Nuvita Biosearch Center (NBC), serve in a single location with a total of 915 m², including 203 m² office and 712 m² laboratory area. This center has been designed in the most special way so that it can carry out work areas and research activities suitable for technical personnel. Our research and development studies are in line with customer needs; It is carried out by following the changes in the market with an employee profile with an understanding of excellence. Nuvita Pharmaceuticals with a scientific and innovative approach; It offers solutions to its business partners by using advanced technology, developing quality, reliable and effective products within the framework of legal and ethical rules.”

What would you like to say about Nuvita İlaç’s R&D strategies? “The Nuvita Biosearch Center (NBC) bases its R&D strategies on three pillars:
It scientifically examines natural products, the traditional use of which is as old as human history, in protective, preventive and treatment, and develops them with the possibilities of modern medicine.
– In order to identify the future needs of humanity and focus on potential innovative products, all our formulations are designed with a scientific approach by our expert staff, including doctors and pharmacists, in our R&D laboratories equipped with cutting-edge technology. In order to identify the future needs of humanity and to offer potential innovative products, product quality safety and continuity are guaranteed within the framework of IFOS, GMP, WHO and GOED standards. Our production areas are also equipped with validated advanced technology, and the quality and safety of our products are ensured by the automation system in the production line.

– It develops innovative raw materials with its biotechnology infrastructure and knowledge that it has and constantly improves, and carries out projects supported by TÜBİTAK, KOSGEB and TAGEM in line with its sustainable value creation strategy, scientific and innovation approach. In addition, it carries out R&D studies by signing a project-based “Collaboration” agreement with Turkey’s leading universities, enabling universities to transform their scientific potential into economic value.

– Nuvita Pharmaceuticals has been producing vitamin-mineral supplement, gastrointestinal system regulator, immune system and skeletal-muscular system supporter etc. since its establishment. It contributes to the growth and development of its business partners by developing products in these fields. It also provides support to its business partners in all business processes, such as product development and licensing, until the production stage. Production phases have a zero carbon footprint, supporting the green consensus action plan. We aim to contribute to the country’s economy in many areas such as reducing import dependency, ensuring product supply security, producing value-added products, making a positive contribution to export processes and reducing the current account deficit with these raw materials, which are of critical importance for our country.”

What about your export activities?
“Nuvita Pharmaceuticals will continue to grow with its activities in the world market in the coming period, with innovative combination products to be offered to the market in the fields of omega 3, pediatric development, immune system, digestive system and joint health.
We are still exporting the products we produce in our new production facility, which has certificates of compliance with international standards, to 35 different countries, and we aim to increase this number in a short time. Nuvita Pharmaceuticals, which is export-oriented and has experience in this field, is sensitive about the documents being internationally acceptable in its licensing studies and provides the necessary support to its business partners in this regard. In line with the growth targets in the international market, our main goals are to strengthen our presence and contribute to the national economy by producing for many countries of the world.”

We have recently faced a pandemic. So, how did this process affect you?
“During the pandemic, various supply problems and restrictions came to the fore all over the world and in our country, but we worked at our facility without interruption. We did not encounter any disruptions in our export, import, storage and shipment activities by taking the necessary measures in a timely manner together with our employees and stakeholders.
Despite the challenging conditions in 2021, we continued our investments in our people and technology without slowing down. In this context, we are very happy to open new employment areas for all parts of our factory as blue collar and white collar. Compared to the previous year, we increased the number of employees in our production facility by approximately 40%. We doubled our production capacity by making large-scale investments in our infrastructure, auxiliary systems, production machinery, quality control and microbiology laboratories. We want to evaluate our capacity gap with our customers who want to produce high quality products.
In our production department, we commissioned our high-speed automatic effervescent tablet tube filling machine, which is a state-of-the-art product, and our high-capacity tablet printing machine, to work together automatically on the same line in a temperature and humidity controlled conditioned area. We are happy to offer this extremely modern and high-capacity effervescent line, which is also limited in our country, to the service of our customers who want to produce high quality contract products. We increased our capacity by 50% by investing in our soft gelatin (softgel) capsule filling line in line with increasing market demands and contract customer demands. In addition to this, in addition to other existing machines in our production lines, liquid filling machine, high speed tablet/capsule counting, bottle filling and capping line, camera controlled blistering machine, high capacity tablet printing machine, automatic controlled film coating machine, boxing machine, automatic labeling and sleeve wrapping machines and automatic pallet changing machine are among our new production investments.”

“We have increased our capacity”
“We continued to make new investments in addition to the state-of-the-art modern recognition and analysis devices in our quality department. We increased our capacity by enlarging the existing space of our microbiology laboratory and purchasing additional equipment such as autoclaves and incubators. We started to work on integrating all the documentation management in our facility into the quality documentation system in a way that would allow to manage it from a single center over the computerized system. In addition, we have commissioned the warehouse management system to work in integration with our existing ERP system. In this way, logistics processes such as warehouse stock movements, goods acceptance and shipment will be monitored via hand terminals on an instant system and on the basis of warehouse addresses.
We are very pleased to contribute to human health with all these new investments and developments we have made in our production facility, and to continue to provide high quality and reliable service to our customers and business partners. On this occasion, we wish that the new year will be a year in which the pandemic ends in our country and in the world, and brings peace and happiness, especially health.”