Live Rhinoplasty operation experience to Ear-Nose-Throat Doctors from GSK

GSK, one of the leader researcher vaccination and pharmaceutical companies all over the world, is acting with the ideal of conveying every reflection in digital to all healthcare staff when they need and how they wish by focusing on patient centeredness value.

Within this framework, GSK gives importance to digital platforms formed to reach the doctors and make them live different experiences and it has broadcasted live a rhinoplasty operation, realized by Hacettepe University Faculty of Medicine Ear-Nose-Throat Clinical Academician and President of Facial Plastic Surgery Association Prof. Dr. Taşkın Yücel on 837 doctors from 44 centres connected to this rhinoplasty operation, realized at 12.00 in 23 October 2014. Average watching time, comprised of 58 minutes 22 seconds has been gathered in this live broadcast, which was presented by sensitive design and HD image quality and 49% of it was followed via mobile devices. An interactive meeting was held by answering more than 100 questions. GSK, giving importance to the feedbacks of the doctors, directed questions about their experiences to the doctors, following the operation online after broadcast. 96% of the doctors have stated that they like this projects and 99% of them said that they would recommend the online portal to their friends. 98% of them expressed that they wish the continuity of this project in different topics. GSK has announced that it will realize the second interactive online operation in January 2015 in response to these results. New experiences oriented to ear-nose-throat doctors, from whom just GSK workers and healthcare staff can benefit, will maintain to being shared.