Ibrahim Etem Menarini aims to grow by producing in Turkey


Founded in 1903 and Turkey’s first pharmaceutical company, Ibrahim Etem and Menarini’s managers met in İstanbul. Noting to grow 25 percent in 2016, the company announced that it would continue to grow by investing in production in Turkey. Italy’s largest pharmaceutical company, 1-year-old President Lucia Aleotti of Menarini Group 131 years, was attended meeting by video link from the head office in Florence. The second generation manager of the company, Lucia Aleotti said, “We believe on future of Turkey and our companies in Turkey, that’s why we are countries that share the Mediterranean culture, our deep-rooted ties in the pharmaceutical industry and our growth strategy of our company in the international market.” Hosting the meeting – M. Sonay Gurgen, Chairman of Ibrahim Etem – Menarini, said, “Entering the age of 114 this year, Ibrahim Etem is the first and most well-established pharmaceutical company in the country which has witnessed in its history of Turkey, has been a pioneer in the industry. It is the first company producing antibiotics. Today we are one of Turkey’s largest companies with about 800 employers and production. There is only one reason for Abraham Etem and Menarini to come together is to produce value for people.”


25 percent growth in 2016

Informing about the company’s 2016 performance and 2017 targets, Ugur Bingol, Ibrahim Etem – Menarini’s General Manager said, “We produced 75 million boxes of medicines in 2016 and provided 100 million boxes of medicines to the health sector in Turkey together with the products we imported. We produce 400 million tablets and 50 million pharmaceutical vials. We closed 2015 with 19 percent growth. Today in the pharmaceutical sector in Turkey, we are in the 6th place according to box sales figures. We achieved 40 percent growth in the consumer health market. We take the power of confidence in every step we take with our animal health products and drug exports. In the first week of 2017, we took the first step of our growth strategy, we moved our headquarters office to Maslak leaving Topkapı’s factory settlement to production. We will use all of our space in Topkapi for production. Investment and growth are always on our agenda as one of the five largest producers in Turkey. In the countries where Menarini Group operates, Turkey ranks 6th and at least 10% growth is expected for Turkey in the growing markets. There is population growth in Turkey, life span is prolonged and there are positive developments in health awareness, and if all of this is combined with economic development, we can achieve growth in expectation in medium and long term. However, local production, quality of production, capacity and competencies are emerging. We continue with the right strategies and decisive practices.”

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