Hasbiotech Pharmaceuticals develops original drugs with Biosplice Therapeutics, Inc.


Hasbiotech, the health investment of BUBA Ventures, is the company of Biosplice Therapeutics, Inc., which draws attention with its Turkish partners and investors. They started a joint project with Biosplice Therapeutics, Inc. from now on, it will continue to invest in generic drug development related to androgenetic alopecia in Turkey together with Hasbiotech.

With this joint project, Hasbiotech aims to present its effective product against hair loss (androgenetic alopecia) to the health system as an original Turkish Medicine, according to the results of the Phase 3 study, successfully completed by Biosplice Therapeutics, Inc. in many centers in Turkey.

Offering the original products brought from abroad in Turkey to the health system since 2009, Hasbiotech continues its investments by including original molecule development projects with this project.

“Our new vision has become the goal of developing an original molecule by breaking new ground in Turkey”

Hasbiotech, which plans to ensure that the original product, which will be developed with an investment plan extending from Turkey to the surrounding countries and Europe, turns into a successful commercial product in the world market, plans to continue its innovative original product investments with the projects it will implement in Turkey and the world.

Muhip Asutay, General Manager of Hasbiotech, delivered the following statements regarding the agreement, “As a Turkish company, we are proud to be involved in an investment that will enable the use of products in the Turkish market with Biosplice Therapeutics, Inc., one of the important biotechnology companies of San Diego. As one of the rare companies in Turkey with the vision of drug development on a global platform, Hasbiotech, with the partnership it has established, we believe will be an important step for Turkey to become a player in the field of original drug development in the world. The goal of developing original molecules by breaking new ground in Turkey has become our new vision.”