For Children BEE’O UP Propolis Syrup

BEE’O UP propolis syrup which contains domestic propolis and is the first and only the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK) Innovation Award Winning, is specifically prepared for children with unique Anatolian propolis, raw honey and orange juice.

Propolis which is recommended to be consumed daily, is a completely natural bee product consisting of antioxidants. Propolis syrup which is especially developed for children by BEE’O UP Propolis, forms raw honey obtained by Anatolian propolis, orange juice and honeycomb. The syrup which is prepared with orange squash, is a completely natural product without additional oil, sugar, sweetener, preservative and color additives.

“The product has at least 5 times higher biological activity than similar products in the market”
BEE’O UP Propolis which makes propolis suitable for human consumption with its R&D project carried out in Istanbul Technical University Techno park/BeeTech, offers the maximum level of phenolic flavonoids; antioxidants in the propolis.

Propolis syrup developed for children is recommended to consume 5 ml two times a day with the scale in the bottle cap by children, and to consume 10 ml two times a day by adults. BEE’O UP products are only available in pharmacies.