Challenge Time with Collagen!

Collagen, which is found in all tissues; primarily bone and skin, makes the skin look young and smooth. Our body is mainly made up of proteins, carbohydrates and fats. Of those, the ones with the most important functions in our body are proteins; with collagen being the most abundant of all.

Collagen, is the main protein of bones, skin, blood vessel walls, tendons and basal membrane. As through it determines the shape of the tissues, it also plays role in the formation of metabolic activities.

The cells, which mainly form our organs, exist together by the help of collagen.  Collagen ensures that our bones are mechanically durable and functional. In addition, it also provides flexibility and durability to our veins.

Aging and Collagen

As the skin ages, it gradually loses its elasticity, begins to dry and unwanted wrinkles may appear.

If the question is asked why the skin ages;  there are 2 major factors which are known as internal and external. Our skin can fight against to these factors as long as it can regenerates itself. For this reason, the collagens, especially located in our skin, must be protected. The skin aging process can be controlled, compare to other organs in our body.

Differences Between Fish Collagen and Bovine Collagen

Collagen is not a only human specific protein, therefore it can be synthesized by all the animals. According to the researches, it is revealed that fish origin collagens have huge impact on the skin health while the bovine origin collagens have an effect on bone and joint health. Fish collagen peptide, prominent with its small molecular structure, absorbed faster by comparison with bovine collagens.

Pro Collagen Mango

Pro Collagen Mango is specially formulated for skin health by using Mango extract, Rice extract, Hippophae rhamnoides extract, and Fish Collagen, which of those effects are scientifically proven.

** In the production of fish collagen, which is the most effective for the skin, fish that are not contaminated with heavy metals were preferred.

Codfish meat has durable structure, 100 grams of these fish includes 20 grams of protein and in total, it is 84 calories. Besides, they are rich in vitamins and minerals. It contains mainly vitamin A, vitamin D, B12, Riboflovin and Folate (Vitamin B-9), selenium, iron, phosphorus, sodium, iodine, potassium and Omega-3 fatty acid.

Cod fish origin collagen hydrolyzate; increases the moisture of skin, promotes its tightness and elasticity, helps to reduce of wrinkles and fine lines by providing  smooth skin appereance.

Besides the effects on musculoskeletal system, it also provides healthy apperance to the nails and hair. Codfish collagen hydrolyzate is highly effective in removing acne, wounds and skin blemishes.

On the other side, it mainly helps against collagen deficiency but also supports the body’s own collagen production.

As Mango extract contains high levels of vitamin C, it protects the skin against UV based skin damage, and it helps to remove the damage from the skin. Mango is rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants; besides that, it prevents the formation of aging which is created by the glucose (sugar) on the skin. It plays role in decreasing of skin blemishes by inhibiting the melanine synthesis.

Vitamin A in Mango increases the collagen production, and decreases the large pore apperance on the skin, therefore it provides smoothness and brightness to our skin.

Hippophae rhamnoides extract , plays role on the acnes, blemishes, and skin wounds.

It contains contains high antioxidant Goji fruit powder, rich carotene, zeaxanthin, vitamin C and lycium barbarum polysaccharides (LBP), which of those have been used for 2000 years in Traditional Chinese Medicine, by the reason of their rich chemical composition and benefits. Mainly, Hippophae rhamnoides extract helps to slow down the aging process, and reduces the cell damage of free radicals.

Rice Extract is a source of ceramide that can be determined as a fat molecule. Ceramides, protect the skin against external factors by creating a protective layer on the skin surface and between the  skin cells. By trapping the water, it protects moisture balance of the skin;  while preventing the water loss. Rice extract, which is rich in amino acids, vitamin E and ferulic acid, helps to increase the moisture even on the sensitive skin type.

Piperin, which have an impact on the enzymes that regulate metabolism, also increases the absorption of vitamin C and B6.

By using the Synergene technology, Pro Collagen Mango is produced to achieve the highest bioavailability and efficiency; after the each component has been seperately tested.

As a food supplement and natural collagen drink, Pro Collagen Mango is ideal for the post-sport use.