All Conveniences for Pharmacists are on the Pocket


Founded in June 2020 and growing 40 percent in a short time, Novadan provides service for both purchasing and selling of non-pharmaceutical health products of member pharmacists. Offering contributions to the pharmacy industry with an innovative perspective, Novadan plans to reach five thousand in the first year and all pharmacists in the second year with its mobile application service.


The domestic startup Novadan, known for its solutions specific to pharmacists, contributes to the development of the pharmaceutical industry with its technology-oriented solutions. The platform, whose number of members reaches nearly 3 thousand and grows by 40 percent, draws attention with services such as multiple search feature and clearing system as well as providing health products that pharmacists need.


From 30 minutes to 1.5 minutes

The multiple search feature on the platform allows pharmacists to access the products they will buy from a single source much faster. The pharmacists, who order the products they need from the least number of users, minimize the time they lose in ordering by seeing the products on a single screen and ordering them to a minimum. Novadan’s patented service reduces the work of a pharmacist to create the appropriate basket in half an hour to as little as 1.5 minutes.


The pharmacist’s stock is gone

There is also a clearing system in pharmacies in Novadan for high-stocks with approaching expiry dates. Novadan, which aims to be beneficial to pharmacists in different fields and to facilitate their lives, enables pharmacies to buy products from pharmacists who sell on the platform at the most affordable prices, without high stock costs. In this way, pharmacies, which increase their profitability, prevent the disposal of high stocked products with an approaching expiry date and prevent an average of 20 thousand TL loss per year.


It is predicted to be used by all pharmacists in two years

The platform, which invests to bring solutions to the problems and needs of pharmacists, will bring its services such as multiple searches, shopping and barter to mobile applications in May. Novadan mobile application, which provides secure transactions with the Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency (BDDK) approved payment system, is aimed to be used by at least 5,000 pharmacists in a year, and by all pharmacists who actively use the internet in a 2-year period.

They thrive by listening to pharmacists

Stating that they take the opinions and usage habits of pharmacists and pharmacy employees into consideration while developing Novadan, Haki Poyraz, one of the Founding Partners of Novadan, said, “Novadan is a service platform rather than a shopping platform. Technological solutions, which we facilitate the lives of pharmacists in terms of shopping and service, are among the most important criteria for nearly 3 thousand members to choose us. Our pharmacists registered with Novadan use our platform for both purchasing and sales transactions.”