Your baby is safe with Wee Baby Non-Contact Thermometer…

In winter, feverish diseases are increasing in children and infants. It is important for mothers and fathers to regularly check the baby’s fever during this period. The new non-contact thermometer which is designed by Wee Baby’s, is new-generation, fast, reliable thermometer technology, and allows the infant’s fever to be easily measured remotely.

Since high fever, which is more common in winter, will seriously threaten the health of babies, it is of great importance that the fever is under constant control during these periods. Advanced digital thermometers provide fast and accurate measurements, as well as because of their memories that allows you to compare specific measurements.

Provides reliable and practical measurement
Designed to measure body temperature from 3 cm to 5 cm distances, the Wee Baby Non-Contact Fever Meter allows the baby’s fever to be measured quickly and comfortably without interrupting the baby’s sleep, without disturbing the baby at all. Thanks to its Energy Detection System, a reliable and non-variable measuring device is used to prevent different results in successive measurements. In case of high fever, it also gives an audible and lighted warning.

Non-Contact Fever Meter, which can be used in the dark with its color and illuminated LCD display, can also measure the temperature of baby food, bath water and room. Wee Baby Non-Contact Fever Meter which has a silent mode option for sleeping babies, also has a feature of keeping the last temperature measurement in its memory as well.