Turkey’s technology for Turkey health, E-pulse project

p13The support of Turk Telekom, E-Pulse (E-Nabız) Project of Ministry of Health comes to life and personal health record period begins in Turkey

As part of the Turkish healthcare reform Turkish ministry of health has announced a critical component today. Turkey’s Ministry of Health (MoH) launched its new e-pulse project in April, which aims, inter alia, to enable people to manage their own health data and contribute to decisions made about their health. The project name is e-pulse ( e-nabız). Every citizen in Turkey will be able to manage and access his or her own healthcare data securely and will be able to follow up and share with the healthcare providers… Congratulations to Turkish Ministry of Health for taking a crucial step in changing the way health information will be managed in the new era of ‘’Big Data’’. Under the project, people will be allowed to manage their own data in line with Article 20 of the Constitution. Further, they will have the right to request amendments to or the deletion of the data or for it to be deleted. Confidentiality is an important component of the project and the ministry has stated that data will be encrypted and people will be able to access their data only by entering their e-government password. The ministry has called this a ‘personal health system’. Further, the ministry has stated that no matter where health services have been provided, people will be able to manage their own personal health data. This data will be saved on a single platform and accessed only to the extent permitted by its owner. Above all, the system aims to facilitate a more efficient network of communication between patients and doctors.