Treatment period according to the character of the tumor

Nesiller Genetik supports the treatment planning process by providing oncology specialists with genetic data on the cause of cancer with tumor profiling tests. The Founder of the Nesiller Genetik Diseases Evaluation Center, Dr. Gülay Özgön pointed out that even a single mutation to be learned through the tumor profiling test to be performed immediately after the cancer diagnosis can change the entire perspective of the oncologist towards treatment.


Providing routine and personalized genetic diagnosis services, genetic counseling and continuing education services to patients, specialist physicians, hospitals, clinics and other laboratories since 2009, Nesiller Genetik provides healthy data for tumor profiling tests and cancer treatment plans. Thanks to the tests that give patients and physicians all the details of the patient’s tumor and/or the tumor that causes the cancer, the contribution of the relevant pathologist, geneticist and molecular biologist to the treatment increases.

The Founder of the Nesiller Genetik Diseases Evaluation Center, Dr. Gülay Özgön stated that a detailed roadmap can be drawn about how the treatment process should be prepared by examining the mutations of patients diagnosed with cancer. Özgön said, “We recommend our physicians to request a tumor profiling test immediately after the diagnosis of cancer. Recognizing the tumor, knowing what features and changes it has, and planning the treatment in line with this information can change the results. Even a single mutation to be learned by profiling can make the oncologist change his whole perspective.”

AI-assisted analysis process
Nesiller Genetik tumor profiling tests utilize Roche and Illumina tests using the Illumina-based Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) method. Reporting is generated as a result of analysis processes programmed with artificial intelligence. With these analysis processes, smart drugs specific to the mutation of the patient and suitability for immunotherapy are decided. Pathology and genetics specialists under the umbrella of Nesiller Genetik form their evaluations on treatment possibilities together with molecular biologists.

“Nesiller Genetik is critical at every step of treatment”
Founder Dr. Gülay Özgön said that Nesiller Genetik tumor profiling tests have been carried out since February 2021 and that these tests have been performed on 500 patients with various panels in the last 1 year. Underlining that the specificity of tumor profiling tests is 100 percent, Özgön said, “Genetic data is critical in every step of cancer treatment. Our oncology specialists and surgeons, who use genetic data in every process from early diagnosis to treatment planning, are in constant communication with us. Thanks to this strong sharing, we are making very productive collaborations for the benefit of the individual.”

Pay attention to the history of cancer in the family!
Dr. Gülay Özgön highlights the fact that hereditary cancer screening test can be applied to anyone who has cancer in their family members and wants to find out whether they also carry this risk. Özgön said, “If an individual has a genetic structure that is prone to cancer, she can save his life with early diagnosis by regularly adjusting his doctor’s check-ups.”