“Those Who Discovered the Future” with Abdi İbrahim

Abdi İbrahim, Turkey’s healing power, is launching a new project under the title of “creating science awareness among young people”, which is a part of its social investment programs within the scope of its HEAL2030 sustainability strategy. It is aimed that high school students gain new competencies, grow up as brave and entrepreneurial individuals, and meet biotechnology with the “Future Discoverers Program” organized in cooperation with the Science Virus social initiative, which gives children and young people the habit of scientific thinking and new generation competencies.


Abdi İbrahim is launching another meaningful project within the scope of social investment programs. With the “Explorers of the Future Program”, which is carried out in cooperation with the Science Virus social initiative, high school students from all over Turkey are provided with the opportunity to develop themselves and have awareness in various fields from biotechnology to the climate crisis, from sustainability to scientific thinking, from the dynamics of living together to 21st century competencies.

One of the most important achievements of the program will be to introduce the bright young people who are educated in the leading Anatolian and Science High Schools of our country, to biotechnology, to direct them to the field of biotechnology in university education and to plant the seeds of the manpower that will grow in this field. This program, designed within the framework of Abdi İbrahim’s vision for biotechnology, will not only enrich the education of bright students at high school level, but will also encourage students studying biotechnology at undergraduate, graduate and doctoral level, who are currently given scholarships and mentorship support by the Abdi İbrahim Foundation, to continue their education.

Online training workshops and webinars in 4 different modules James Hansen, who first voiced the idea of ​​global warming and named the ‘Future Discoverers Programme’ organized in cooperation with Abdi İbrahim and Bilim Virus, Marie Curie, who made history with her pioneering research on radioactivity, Rosa Parks, who was selected as the human rights defender of the 20th century by Time magazine in 1999. and Gary Hamel, who laid the foundation for 21st Century Competencies. Inspired by these names, training modules, which are meticulously prepared by experts in their fields, are brought together with young people online. The program consists of 4 modules: 21st Century Competencies, Climate and Sustainability, Scientific Thinking and Living Together. Biotechnology stands out as a topic included in the content of each module. Young people are getting stronger with webinars to be held in the field of social enterprise and innovation.

An important pillar of our biotechnology vision and our goal of improving the future
Speaking about the ‘Future Discoverers Program’, Abdi İbrahim Corporate Relations, Sustainability and Communication Director Dr. M. Oğuzcan Bülbül drew attention to the importance of the project and said the following: “As Abdi İbrahim, we consider long-term and result-oriented works aimed at providing social benefit as an integral part of our primary duties. On the way we set out with the goal of improving the future, within the framework of the HEAL2030 sustainability strategy; We implement projects under the headings of ‘health and sports’, ‘social innovation’, ‘creating science awareness among young people’ and ‘volunteering projects for social needs’. We also created the “Explorers of the Future” program within the scope of “creating science awareness among young people”. We aim to support the development of young people in the fields of science and mathematics, and to develop them in many areas of increasing importance, such as biotechnology, climate and sustainability. It is also valuable that a subject such as biotechnology, which is on the agenda of the world, is included in our program. Thus, we are starting a very important project that will contribute to the creation of qualified human resources in the field of biotechnology, not only for our company but also for our country, in choosing the field of biotechnology in university education and encouraging them to this field. We are happy to meet with the bright students of our country as part of our cooperation with the Science Virus social initiative, which is known as the new generation learning movement. As Abdi İbrahim, we know the importance of social investment. We are aware of our responsibility for a more livable world. As always, we will continue to act with this vision and to invest in Turkey’s future with similar projects.”

Registration for the first training module, 21st Century Competencies, ends on September 9, 2022. The 21st Century Competencies module includes important topics such as “Discovering Biotechnology”, “Learning to Learn”, “Collaboration and Effective Communication”, “Complex Problem Solving”, “Emotional Intelligence” and “Critical Thinking”.

Abdi İbrahim welcomes the applications of all high school students who want to be a part of the Discoverers of the Future community.