The Polifarma, will export Turkey’s First Three-Chamber Parenteral Nutrition Solution to Europe

Polifarma is a domestic and national pharmaceutical company with 34 years of experience in the health sector. Polifarma developed the first domestic three-chamber parenteral nutrition solution. Thus Polifarma, Turkey’s significant steps taken to reduce the dependence on foreign drug has added a new one. Polifarma Vice Chairman from Vildan Kumrulu, after the production of the solution in the market price of the equivalent of a global brand that offers these products in Turkey drew attention to the update. Kurmulu also said that they started exporting the product.

Polifarma, continues to contribute is undertaking to reduce Turkey’s dependence on foreign primary and the health sector. Polifarma, developed Turkey’s first domestically the three-chambered parenteral nutrition solutions. And has also made an important contribution to the reduction of foreign dependency in such nutritional products. Turkey’s first domestic three-bedroom parenteral nutrition solutions, intensive care, post-operative and is used for patients who can not take food orally. The first domestic three-chamber parenteral nutrition solution, which has successfully passed 10 separate tests determined by the American Drug and Food Administration (FDA) as the quality standard for lipid finished products, stands out with its compliance with the fat distribution recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO). In addition, all raw materials of the product comply with the European Union – Good Manufacturing Practices (EU – GMP) and FDA standards.

First domestic three-chamber parenteral nutrition solution exported to Azerbaijan and the African continent

Polifarma, has developed Turkey’s first three-chambered nutrition solutions at R & D center, after long research. Vildan Kumrulu, Deputy Chairman of the Board of Polifarma, said that after the production of the three-chamber nutritional solution, global companies have updated their prices.

Kumrulu, “Turkey sufficient knowledge to produce many products that were imported from abroad and have experience in the pharmaceutical industry. We also take great pride in being one of the company’s firsts in Turkey. Turkey’s first domestic three-bedroom parenteral nutrition solutions’ve exported to Azerbaijan and the African continent. “We will receive our EU GMP Certificate in the last quarter of the year, and then we will start exporting to European countries.” said.



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