The hearth of Liv Hospital Turkey is opened in Ankara

Liv Hospital Group – which accelerated the momentum in health sector with the giant hospital investment made two years ago in Istanbul Ulus – is opening the second hospital in Ankara with an investment of 40 million USD.

L iv Hospital Group Coordinator Mert İstiroti stated that: “We are in Ankara with the latest technology equipment and an A Team medical staff”. Liv Hospital Group has accelerated the momentum of the investments made in the health sector. The Group created a high-level overview in the health sector with the hospital investment made two years ago in Istanbul Ulus. Liv Hospital Group will open the second hospital in Ankara after the success of the first hospital which created a high-level overview in the health sector with the scientific studies, diagnosis and treatment processes, technologic infrastructure, the ambitious medical staff and A-plus services. Ankara Liv Hospital is being established in Tunus Street of Çankaya on a 27.000 m2 area with a 40 million USD investment. The hospital will serve to patients with 150 beds, 8 operating rooms and specialized clinics in all branches. It will create a difference in Ankara with many clinics and treatment methods especially in cancer surgery, women’s, men’s and children’s health and cardiology. Liv Hospital Group Coordinator Meri Istiroti said: “Ankara Liv Hospital will be the most important and excellent health center of the region. We will bring a new approach to healthcare services in Ankara. We are opening our doors with a team of medical expert staff”.


Liv Hospital Group Coordinator Meri Istiroti said:”Two years ago, he decided to open Liv Hospital Ulus and we have rolled up our sleeves to create a brand-new A-plus brand with our decades of experience in this sector. We had a great target. Our target was to make Liv Hospital not only a hospital but also a reference center where many good things are made in scientific sense. As a result of great efforts; we have managed to achieve this target in a short time and we came to the heart of Ankara. Liv Hospital aims to perform multidisciplinary work and it will bring a new approach to healthcare services with its patient-oriented approach.”


Meri İstiroti drew attention that; Liv Hospital – which opened the doors two years ago in Ulus– achieved great success leaving the competitors back. Meri İstiroti said: “Now, we enjoy the happiness and pride of putting this valuable knowledge and experience for creating another Liv with all heart as one big family.” Istiroti pointed out that; Liv Hospital grew very rapidly and she continued saying: “Our biggest strength for acting quickly is the medical vision that we have created and our experienced medical team that follows the latest developments. We provide personalized healthcare services with our special treatment programs and 360 degrees service approach; therefore we created services which make our guests feel special. Liv Hospital Ankara will offer the new generation healthcare approach in the hearth of Turkey as a result of meticulously planned details including the concept, service approach, outstanding medical staff and medical infrastructure. We serve to our patients with the doctors who are able to implement effective and high risky treatments which are rarely implemented by private sector in our country. We have adopted a transparent management approach by publishing scientific data and results and we have gained the trust of scientific community and the public. The patient satisfaction that we achieved so far is as a result of our guest services approach.”


Gülçin Türkmen Sarıyıldız is appointed as the General Manager of Liv Hospital Ankara and the management team is consisted of the experienced persons who previously occupied senior positions in the hospital sector. Liv Hospital Ankara General Manager Gülçin Türkmen Sarıyıldız stated that the Hospital would make a difference in Ankara with the patient-centered approach and good service quality. Sarıyıldız, continued the words as follows: “We are in Ankara, in the heart of Turkey: because there was a necessity to have such a health service facility in the Capital. We offer our people the healthcare services that they deserve in ideal physical spaces with optimum materials and equipment as well as the highest level of medical staff. We guarantee that; we will do our best to make our guests feel themselves special and safe and to ensure that they will leave the hospital as happy and health. Liv Hospital Ankara aims to be the institution which represents the highest level of health vision of Turkey in the international arena.


General Surgeon Prof. Dr. Bülent Menteş serves as Medical Director of the Hospital. He states that; the best treatment starts with peace and says: “Our most important asset for achieving to successful medical results is our doctors. As Liv Hospital Ankara, we aim to become the center of excellence for the region and we adapt the academic format applied in the universities to the private hospital concept. Doctors are the chefs of a very complex kitchen which includes infrastructure, material and presentation. ‘Expert physicians in their expertise’ is a general expression of every hospital. Therefore, we aimed to create a dream team. This dream team will grow and it will become more crowded”.