The great success of the Turkish Physician

Otorhinolaryngologist Prof. Dr. Ahmet Hakan Birkent at Liv Hospital introduced the “Voice Glottoplasty” technique, which is the voice thinning method he developed himself, to the world.


                              Prof. Dr. Ahmet Hakan Birkent

Specially invited to the International Conference on the Effects of Noise on Aquatic Life held in Berlin to present the surgical method he developed, introducing his technique at the meeting attended by a limited number of surgeons who are most interested in voice reduction surgeries including Prof. Dr. Jurgen Wendler who is known for the sound refinement technique he developed 30 years ago all over the world, by special invitation, Prof. Dr. Ahmet Hakan Birkent said, “My technique was very appreciated. I believe that my method, which has distinct advantages over other techniques, will soon become the most common surgical method used for this purpose all over the world.”

Prof. Dr. Ahmet Hakan Birkent shared details about the method he developed in the field of sound attenuation, who and how the sound attenuation operation is applied.

What is voice aesthetics?
Our voice is our most important instrument in our communication. We establish our social relations with him, express our feelings and shape our business life. Our voice is one of the most important factors that play a role in determining our position in society. The voice is expected to be compatible with gender, age and physical appearance. Undoubtedly, the incompatibilities that arise in this respect can create problems in the perception of the person in the society. For example, a man with a low voice or a woman with a deep voice may encounter wrong evaluations during communication in society. For the treatment of such voice disorders, the procedures performed for the perception of the thinness and thickness of the voice are called “voice aesthetics”.

Who has voice reduction?
The need for thinning of the voice can be caused by different reasons, especially gender change. Deepening of the voice is a common problem in women who had to take hormone therapy in childhood or had some hormonal problems and middle-aged women with a history of heavy smoking. While there is no pathological condition, some women’s voices may be deeper by nature. The common goal for all these groups is to refine the sound.

It is possible to thin the voice with some surgical interventions applied today. With these surgical interventions, which are applied through a small incision made both inside the mouth and in the neck, an effective thinning of the voice can be achieved that can meet expectations.

How are sound reduction operations performed?
Several different surgical techniques are currently used to refine the voice. The most common of these is the Wendler glottoplasty technique developed by Prof. Dr. Jurgen Wendler about 30 years ago. In this technique, the anterior 1/3 parts of the vocal cords are stitched together, shortening the vocal cords and aiming to thin the voice. In this method, a long recovery period is required as stitches are placed on the vocal cords and complications related to the stitches can be observed. In addition, this technique only shortens the length of the vocal cords, does not increase their tension. Apart from this, there are several different surgical techniques that are used at a limited level.

How is Stretching Glottoplasty different from other techniques?
“Tension Glottoplasty” is a new surgical technique I invented for voice feminization. It simultaneously shortens and increases the tension of the vocal cords to achieve a higher pitch. Because there are no stitches in the vocal cords, this technique promises better vocal results with a shorter recovery time. The operation is performed under general anesthesia by making a small incision in the neck and takes about 1 hour. It is also a suitable revision method for individuals who have had voice reduction surgery before and are not satisfied with the result.

Prof. Dr. Ahmet Hakan Birkent became one of the members of the newly established “International Association of Trans Voice Surgeons” at the “Voice Thinning Symposium” to which he was specially invited.