Siemens Healthcare offers the most advanced technologies for cancer diagnosis and treatment

p10Innovative solutions for cancer diagnosis and treatment in Turkish National Cancer Week International Symposium

One of the leading companies in the health sector Siemens Healthcare, the National Cancer Week, the scope of Turkey Ministry of Health Public Health Agency of Cancer Department, Hope in Health Foundation (SUVAK) and the International Cancer Week, held in Ankara in cooperation with the Hacettepe University took part in the Symposium. The treatment of cancer in the National Cancer Week draws attention to the importance of early detection of Siemens Healthcare, devotes more than 5 percent of the global budget each year to develop the new diagnostic and treatment technology R & D. Stating that focuses on innovative solutions for cancer diagnosis and treatment Siemens Healthcare Leader Sevket On Turkey; “Siemens Healthcare, which offers the use of low dose imaging devices we strive to spread worldwide. In recent years the development of technology solutions in the healthcare sector are taking a much more active role. Siemens Healthcare is not only followed the developments in this field, continues its pioneering role in the industry as the first to develop, “he said.