“Respect for People” still a Pfizer Value

p30Pfizer was awarded “Respect for People” prize for the sixth time in Human Respect Awards organized by Kariyer.net.

Respect for People awards were given to owners according to response rate of company advertising through Kariyer.net in 2015 Human Resources Summit. For the purpose of highlighting successful work carried out in the area of human resources, “14th Human Respect Awards” found their owner in 18th Human Resources Summit. Pfizer won the most prestigious Human Resources award of Turkey, Kariyer.net’s Human Respect Award 2015 with their successful human resources operations by reaching 68.000 applications in year 2014. The awards are given to reward the successful Human Resources departments which continue their operations intensely all year. A Commitment to Respect for People Pfizer: “We recognize that people are the cornerstone of Pfizer’s success. We value our diversity as a source of strength, and are proud of Pfizer’s history of treating employees with respect and dignity.” Candidates are also closely involved in the decision of companies to be awarded by selecting their favorite companies in terms of HR processes, brand value of employer and their communication with the applicants. Owners selected as one of the companies with the fastest and highighest applicant respond rate in the contaxt of ‘Human Respect Awards’, is growing its organization with a consistent Recruitment and Human Resources Policy based on qualified recruitment and sustainable development of its human resources. Far above this limit by 68,000 applicants in 2014, Pfizer. Pfizer answer by showing the success of over 99 percent of such applications to the application despite the high numbers of “Human Respect Award” was awarded. With ‘Respect for People’ Pfizer Turkey shows that it attaches importance to not only stuffs but also candidates with its Human Resources policies and practices