One-to-One Consultancy for Hair Problems

Having been providing service in the hair health field since 2006, Turkey’s 
only “Trichology” center Akademi Saç Terapi (Hair Therapy) is providing one-to-one consultancy service for hair problems.

The hair health experts from Akademi Saç Terapi are emphasizing the importance of the scientific methods which are applied during the process diagnosis and treatment of hair and scalp problems. Experts also emphasize the difference of Trichology by saying: “Since the reason of hair loss is different for each person, firstly custom analysis should be conducted and prepare custom programs. Trichologicly formulized, going deep under skin, nano molecular structured, able to repair the hair from the root to the edge products should be used to fulfill hair care.” Akademi Saç Terapi provides solution for hair loss for both men and women and scalp problems along with general hair thinning, hair loss, excessive oiling and itching, dandruff and flaking in the hair, alopecia, drying in the hair, and weakness of the hair.