Loki Suecos offers design, comfort and health together

p45SUECOS branded slippers with sales in 25 countries will be offered in Turkey with Lotus Farma assurance.

Suecos® is a young, fast-moving company that is rapidly expanding its network of distributors all over the world. Currently we proudly ship to 25 different countries, and this would have never been possible without our valuable distributors. Year after year we continue to participate in various fairs covering different corners of the world. Imported from Spain SUECOS Loki adult and child-sized slippers seem to make a lot of attractions in 2015. We all like to look and feel good, but sometimes we put more focus into looking good rather than feeling good. This is why Suecos® has made it its mission to bring you the best of both design and comfort. Most of us don’t give our feet the love and care they really need, and just think about this: they have to support us all day long! We’re sure your feet will appreciate some well deserved pampering from time to time. Suecos® has teamed with the very best technicians and designers to develop groundbreaking technology so that you and your feet feel rested and relaxed, and we’ve broken it down to a couple of points: All Suecos products has features following: Ergonomic design: for greater stability. They absorb weight: providing a feeling of relaxation in feet and knees. They mold to the foot: when worn the shoe adapts to the foot. Ultralight: they reduce muscle effort by up to 70%. Moreover SUECOS Loki Kids and Adult Loki will be the choice of consumers with affordable price advantage. Design, Comfort and SUECOS Loki in PHARMACIES in 2015 by offering a combination of Health.