Keep your heart young with Zade Vital products!

p5Zade Vital products help to protect heart health with flax seed, pomegranate seed, grapeseed and essential fatty acids in its rich content

Zade Vital® Natural Supplements present you more than 200 products in different 9 forms produced from 30 different plants, fruits and seeds by using cold press method. All of these fruits, plants and seeds were selected from all around Turkey and around the world and were analyzed in order to have the best quality. All the products are being produced in Zade Vegetable Oil Refinery, under highly hygienic conditions, without human error. Zade Vital® Flax Seed Oil is a rich source of alphalinolenicacid (ALA) – a kind of Omega 3 fatty acid. Due to its Omega 3 fatty acids content, it helps to protect heart health and support circulatory system. A study showed that flax seed oil with its high alpha-linolenic acid content decreases serum total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol(bad cholesterol) levels. Flax seed oil helps to eliminate infammation and even supports bone health by increasing calcium absorption. Furthermore, flax seed oil is a good supplementary source of Omega 3 for children who can’t consume oil. It also supports mental development. Zade Vital® Grape Seed Oil contains essential fatty acids. It is valuable oil which helps the circulatory system to function healthily by protecting the inner wall of blood vessels. Through the strong antioxidant effects of vitamin E which grape seed oil contains in its structure and phenolic compounds which is passed to the oil, it reduces LDL otherwise known as bad cholesterol and increases HDL better known as good cholesterol. It also helps to slow down aging effects, improve body resistance and provides protection for your cardiovascular health. It is especially recommended as a support for people who have circulatory system problems. It also helps improve body resistance and moisturize the skin.