Just 20 Minutes for a Cellulite-Free Summer!!!

As spring has come and summertime is approaching, the women who are shy 
about swimming, wearing skirt, get rid of their cellulite widely with a short, easy method.

Cellulite, which is a vascular disorder, is seen substant ially among women and it o ccurs as a result of increment of fat cells under the skin thus causing fibrous tissue columns to become unbalanced for the fat cells bulge through the columns. Cardiovascular Surgery Specialist Dr. Cafer Abbasoglu claimed that cellulite o ccurs as a result of circulatory disorder and added; “ Cellulite, which occurs under the skin and looks like orange peel, is usually seen in hip circumference, upper calf and lower calf. Besides, the toxin, fat and excess water that stay in the bo dy, are closely pressed together resulting in cellulite.”

Causes of Cellulite: Malnutrition, hormonal and hereditary reasons, chronic constipation, utilization of birth control pills, alcohol consumption, liver dysfunction, psychological problems, pregnancy and circulatory diseases… Cellulite is a fat cell deformation related health disease which may o ccur in any age group, without the exception of weak or fat, starting from adolescence period with the effect of hormonal changes. However the following precautions may stop cellulite development: Drinking water, taking regular exercises (accelerates the circulatory system by tightening the body), not smoking or consuming alcohol, avoiding stress and regular and healthy nutrition… (Avoiding salt, sugar and caffeine, consuming protein)

Treatments Performed for Cellulite

Although it is w idely possible to prevent from cellulite w ith the precautions listed, the number of women, who don’t not have a cellulite problem, is so small that it brings along the different metho ds to solve the problem. Cardiovascular Surgery Specialist Dr. Cafer Abbasoglu stated that today different methods like pressure therapy, vacuum therapy and mesotherapy are performed however sclerocellulotherapy, which is the most effortless and conscious method, widely removes the bad cellulite looks. Abbasoglu continued as follows: “During the treatment performed under ultrasound Doppler in a short t ime like 20 minutes, sclerosant and hypertonic solution, which are selected in accordance with the skin structure and identification of the person, are mixed and prepared in foam form and injected into the capillary vessels thus they shrink and are closed. Especially in the upper calf of the leg and hip circumference, it affects cellulite clusters from the inside of the v essels by spreading from under the skin and bloo d vessel perimeter to the t issues around by being absorbed to the tissue thus it remov es the cellulite looks w idely. It is like killing two birds w ith one stone, before the arrival of summertime you get rid of ugly looks of both thin capillary vessels and cellulite in a very short time. This method, which makes women happy, is still the most preferred method since it is complication free and it does not require long last ing diet or applications; besides it only takes one session and its reasonable price is another reason to prefer this metho d.”