Instantly effective and restorative care for tired feet by Lapitak

It may occur skin thickening and cracks especially on the foot of the persons who stand up during all day long (housewives, workers, soldiers, athletes, etc.).

In order to have an aesthetic appearance, it is very important to do regular foot care for dry and cracked foot. As a result of the “allantoin” content; Lapitak Foot Care Cream helps rejuvenate the skin and helps you to have soft and silky feet from the first day of use. It repairs damaged foot while it maintains the natural moisture of the skin. Vitamin E helps to strengthen the nails. It does not create stains as it has a easily absorbed structure. The cream is dermatologically tested. In order to have a good cared foot; it is gently applied to dry and clean foot by massaging at least twice a day in the mornings and the evenings. Lapitak Foot Cream is offered to consumers in 60 ml tubes.