İKMİB and fonbulucu have joined forces for chemistry startups


Fonbulucu, the first platform to implement Share Based Crowdfunding in Turkey, has signed an important cooperation with the Istanbul Chemicals and Products Exporters’ Association (IKMIB) within the framework of the R&D Project Market organization. 36 startups selected by IKMIB will have the chance to meet with investors within the scope of the cooperation that has been realized with the aim of contributing to the development of projects with high export potential and raising crowdfunding awareness.

Fonbulucu, (the fundfinder), who has taken important steps one after the other to strengthen the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Turkey, and the Istanbul Chemicals and Chemical Products Exporters’ Association (IKMIB), which works to contribute to the spread of the innovation culture and support high value-added production, joined forces. With the signed protocol, 36 startups selected within the framework of the R&D Project Market organized by IKMIB with the support of TUBITAK and with the approval of the Republic of Turkey, Ministry of Trade since 2011, will have the chance to meet with investors and, if found appropriate, will receive the necessary support to go on an investment tour with Share Based Crowdfunding on the platform.

Training to each venture found suitable for an investment tour by the Investment Committee to be established will be provided on the system and campaign operation by Hakan Yıldız, Founder and General Manager of fonbulucu and other experts within the scope of cooperation for the purpose of increasing the awareness and recognition of the new generation entrepreneurship and new generation investment system Crowdfunding, supporting exports by contributing to the development of projects with high export potential and facilitating access to investors. In addition, fonbulucu will receive a share as a qualified investor from the ‘funding Venture Capital Investment Fund’ from the shares offered to support the commercialization of startups. Entrepreneurs will also have the opportunity to meet with national and international investors in order to provide the financing needed during the campaigns of selected initiatives. The provisions of the Communiqué on Share-Based Crowdfunding and the relevant CMB legislation, which came into force after being published by the Capital Markets Board (CMB), will be applied in all phases of campaigning, running and concluding campaigns in fonbulucu.

The R&D Project Market in the Chemicals and Products sector is organized to contribute to the dissemination of R&D and innovation culture and to increase high value-added production and thus export through university-industry-public-entrepreneur cooperation. The event, which can be applied in 6 categories as “Pharmaceutical”, “Medical”, “Dyes and Adhesives”, “Plastic and Rubber”, “Cosmetic-Soap and Cleaning Products” and “Basic Chemicals”, received more than 1100 projects in the past 9 years and awarded 1,756,000 TL in total.

Access to finance in the field of chemistry will become easier

Hakan Yıldız, who made a statement on the subject, said that the cooperation with IKMIB and the Chemistry R&D Project Market, which has been successfully organized by IKMIB for a long time, is a great opportunity for entrepreneurs operating in the field of chemistry, with the Share-Based Crowdfunding system, these initiatives will be able to access the financing they need. Emphasizing that the studies on commercialization and export are very important, Yıldız said, “Entrepreneurs can apply at www.kimyaargeprojepazari.com until October 15, 2021. After the evaluation studies that will be carried out meticulously by IKMIB, the selected initiatives will be announced by IKMIB on November 27, 2021.”