Health services is one of the most important issues of the 21st century

As a result of ageing population, extended life spans and socioeconomic changes around the world, health services are one of the most important topics of the 21st century

I n this respect, innovative drugs and new treatments, which can help prevent disease and reduce treatment costs, become increasingly important over time. All economies consider pharmaceuticals research and development aimed at the discovery of new biological treatments and the production of new drugs in the biotech market not only a priority area for investment but also a strategic sector. The Turkish economy is one of them with the clear ambition to become one of the world’s top ten economies in health services by 2023. To reach this objective, the Turkish government is heavily investing in the biotech market in order to increase by 2023 local biological drug production to reach up to 60% of the domestic demand. Thanks to its location, this provides Turkey with the opportunity to serve neighboring regions with products and services with total potential of USD 8 billion. It is within this context that BD held its 1st symposium entitled: Innovative solution to address biotech market needs in Istanbul at: The Palais de France on 25th September 2014. This event was sponsored by Mrs Muriel Domenach, French Consul General in Istanbul and Deborah Mennuti, Deputy Principal Officer of the US Consul General in Istanbul This event has been the opportunity to provide all local actors with a deep understanding on

– BD structure and vision: Helping all people live healthy lives and enabling access to healthcare to the majority of the population.

– The pharmaceutical landscape in Turkey and the biotech perspectives BD’s product offer dedicated to the Biotech market with the presentation of BD Hypak™ for

– Biotech: the reference in biotech syringe to ensure both maximized patient comfort and low total cost of ownership.

– BD’s integrated solution for self-administration called BD Physioject

– An overview of the safety regulation in Europe and the status relative to Turkey

– The manufacturing and filling process provided by the company Groninger. Thanks to this symposium BD has demonstrated its ability to act on the Turkish market as a key partner for any new biotech drug development thanks to:

– A comprehensive cross functional support and dedicated teams worldwide and locally

– A multifaceted service and in-depth expertise

– Worldwide manufacturing plants to meet global production demand

– A wide array of pre-fillable drug delivery system to optimize time to market

– Product portfolio and expertise of safety engineered devices.