Fresh’n Soft offers a practical solution against bacteria

Personal Hygiene everywhere everytime!

With the upcoming of spring, the outdoor activities occupy most of our time and for a full protection against disease, our personal care need to be as far as our purse. It is not possible to find soap and water easily so we seek for alternative solutions. From this perspective, Fresh’n Soft wet wipes developed for specific needs become part of our daily essentials.

Licensed Biocidal Fresh’n Soft Antibacterial Wet Wipes; 

Biocidal licensed Fresh’n Soft by Antibacterial Wet Wipes by Ministry of Health does not irritate the skin and adapts to every skin type. Slim and compact design for ease of transport, new product Fresh’n Soft Antibacterial Wet Wipes; thanks to its special formula, effects on bacteria showing 99.9% . With special tissue, it also assists in the removal of dead bacteria. Fresh’n Soft Antibacterial Wet Wipes does not contain alcohol, paraben. It is dermatologically tested and the balance of Ph is compatible with skin. In this way, it protects the skin’s moisture balance. You can enjoy the outdoors in spring.