Emsey Hospital focuses on International Patients with high patient satisfaction

Emsey Hospital provides the best with its strategic location, high quality and reliable healthcare services, and professional International Patient Services Department

Emsey Hospital serves with international standard and quality in Anatolian side of Istanbul. It provides wide opportunities with 191 inpatient bed availability including 112 for services, 16 for general intensive care unit, 13 for coronary intensive care unit, 8 for KVC intensive care unit and 42 for newborn intensive care unit. It also provides service for patient without waste of time under favor of polyclinic network coordinated by smart building automation system. We made an exclusive interview with Dr. İlker Yilmaz, Marketing & Corporate Affairs Director of Emsey Hospital, about their activities, services and innovations:

Could you inform us about 2014 year in terms of health tourism and your investments in this area?

“As one of Turkey’s leading private hospitals, International Health Tourism is definitely one of our main issues and main business target.  We have done collaborations and assignments with governments, private sectors, leading companies and also insurance companies to increase our international business on health tourism. And we are still trying to increase our partners. We believe that it would be a sustainable approach of our strategic frame and International look. We are now well-known as a general hospital that has all therapeutic branches in Basic Medicine, Surgical Medicine and Internal Medicine as well as various special branches of medicine with advanced technological facilities and treatment options. We are being one of the world`s leading healthcare centers has got the universal advanced medical technology.  It provides its service through highly experienced medical staff and professional management culture and high patient satisfaction according to the international standards. As always, we are very focused on International Patients in 2014 and received many of them as out-patient or in-patient and gave their treatment successfully. Our ultimate goal is ‘high patient satisfaction’. We’re giving high quality service for our patients  with a team of over 700 staff including professors, specialists, health professionals, nurses. Everything our patients from all around world may need is provided with teams of talented professionals and a deep commitment to every patient’s comfort. Regarding to our experiences with our international patients, we can say that realized patient satisfaction was impressive and this success motivated all our teams. Doctors experienced in dealing with foreign patients are welcoming our patients at 40 therapeutic branches with the special medical and diagnostic units. For example, Hematology with fully equipped bone marrow transplantation unit; oncology with chemotherapy seats and beds;  modern IVF units; nuclear medicine facilities with PET/CT, scintigraphy, radioiodine treatment, and radionuclide treatment, Lutetium, Samarium, PSMA, Algology-Pain management center with ozone therapy, acupuncture, and wound care; general ICU, new born ICU, cardio vascular and cardiology ICUs, and full equipped operating rooms… As summarized, all brain and spine surgeries are performed successfully such as full endoscopic disc surgery which is one of specific jobs of Emsey Hospital as well as wide range of oncological treatments and cancer surgeries are provided. Additionally, chronic pains can be treated in algology center without surgery, all kind of hematological diseases can be high level diagnosed and treated and highest quality of care in many orthopedic diseases to patients of all ages is provided. Additionally, the result of this high quality, advanced and successful treatment, patient satisfaction approach of Emsey Hospital, we’ve accredited by Joint Commision International by this year.


Which countries do you accept paints most?

Featured Success in Medical Tourism… Strengths of Emsey Hospital at the Competitive Market in terms of Medical Service. “With the Out Patient Clinics and VIP clinics where the foreign patients are examined by professors at a  relaxing and comfortable atmosphere, with 63 standard clinics, with inpatient rooms consisting of 190 beds with 5 VIP suits 20 suit rooms, 61 standard rooms; we provide high quality healthcare service for 2000 patients in last 12 months from 63 different countries. The patients’ country of origin shows a wide variety, by the way we received patients in 2014 mainly Libya, which is 20% of our total International patients and Germany, Azarbeijan, Iraq, Turkmenistan, Russia, Syria, Georgia, UAE as follows.”


What does your hospital provide convenience for the international patients?

“We take International patient safety goals into great consideration. Targeting this, our tools are ‘Identifing Patients Correctly’,‘Improving Effective Communication’ , ‘Improving the Safety of High-Alert Medications’, ‘Ensuring Correct- Site’,’ Correct-Procedure’, ‘Correct- Patient Surgery’, ‘Reducing the Risk of Health Care–Associated Infections’, and ‘Reducing the Risk of Patient Harm Resulting from Falls’. Trained and professional staff welcome the patients making them feel home. The mission of the service provided by a professional International Patient Services Department is the patient satisfaction based on a professional management service. These management services include  free expert opinion and free quote by considering patient’s medical reports, organization of required appointments before patient comes (doctor appointments, consultation appointments, surgical appointments etc.),and  organization of required hotel reservations, as well as the tourism related part such as organization of flight reservations, providing required documents demanded from hospital for visas, VIP transfers from airport to hospital and from hospital to airport, accompanying patient in hospital by a translator, translation of required documents after treatment, assisting patients with their own languages in every step of treatment process, and VIP Logistic Service such as welcoming in airport, airport- hospital-hotel transfers, land and air ambulance.”


What is  the importance and location of your  hospital for health tourism? (proximity to the airport, hospital etc..)

“Emsey Hospital is one of Turkey’s  leading private hospitals  with universal advanced medical technology. What differs this JCI accredited hospital in the competitive market of medical tourism sector in Turkey  is its strategic location, the high quality service and the reliable healthcare service. It is located on the Asian side of Istanbul in Pendik Kurtkoy district that has various national and international investments. The main strength of its strategic location is that it is only 5minutes away from Sabiha Gokcen International Airport, and additionally its closeness to five star hotels, university campuses, techno polis and shopping malls. From the global point of view, one of the major advantages of Emsey Hospital is that it is located in Istanbul which is one of the world’s great cities famous for its historical monuments and magnificent scenic beauties and additionally is  the only city in the world which spreads over two continents: it lies at a point where Asia and Europe are separated by a narrow strait – the Bosporus.”

Smart building… Highest technology…

“EMSEY HOSPITAL has a total of 190 Beds, including 8 Cardio Vascular Intensive Care Beds, 4 Coronary Intensive Care Beds, 25 General Intensive Care Beds, 42 Neonatal Intensive Care Beds and 9 Operating Theatres. Furthermore, a heliport is available in case of emergency patient transfers. We offer high standard medical diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation services due to high technology radiology unit and medical equipments, with Sterilization Automation and Intensive Care Automation (among first hospitals having such automations in Turkey) and with highly educated staff. It is an environmental friendly hospital awarded with ‘digital/ paperless hospital’ prize. The hospital is constructed according to international standards based on a smart building system taking place on 33.000m2 and is controlled from 6750different points.”

For which countries do you have an agreement for health tourism?

“We have official collaboration with governments and their Ministry of health. Regarding to our valuable agreements we are receiving patients for example from Libya, Iraq Ministry of health.”


Could you assess medical tourism in Turkey?

“Turkey, with almost 40 million visitors yearly, is the world’s 6th most medical tourist attracting country according to fresh figures. Over the years, Turkey gained an international reputation in terms of medical tourism by improving the capacity and quality of its health services, as well as the tourism services. Due to  its high quality service and world- class facilities, domestic and international investmentsof health tourism sector is attracted in recent years and Turkey is on its way to become a preferred health partner for insurance companies, assistance companies, self-run and government health funds.  Based on the comprehensive healthcare restructure Turkey has been going through to scale up its healthcare services, the country is now a strong alternative for international patients. Not to mention Turkey’s geographical advantage and its unique cultural richness, as well as the successful service outcomes and competitive price levels, medical tourism can now be pronounced and considered as one of the fastest developing and most innovative business sectors of the country. Consequently, there is definitely no restriction to mention that  the unlimited supply for different expectations enable to bring together the ‘Health’ and the ‘Tourism’ with great harmony and success in Turkey.”