Effective Solutions for Personal Care Needs

Fresh’n Soft, who first introduces wet wipes to Turkish consumers, meets various needs for personal care by means of launching new products in addition to its wide product range on baby care.

The company prosecutes its vision by new family members launched in early 2013 like acetone-free nail polish remover, make-up cleaning pads, cosmetic cotton buds.

Personal Care is enhanced by Fresh’n Soft assurance

Hygienic wet wipes developed for external genital use “Intim” is formed of 100% pure cotton and helps women out setting aside their hygiene concerns indoor and outdoor. Moreover, makeup removing wipes specialized for normal&combination and dry&sensitive skins offer an effective cleansing and convenient way for carrying in bag with its sachet packs. Aside from wet wipes, Fresh’n Soft plays a pioneer role with its sweat absorbent pads which forms a barrier between the cloth and the skin, additionally with its deo wipes which prevents bad odour due to sweating. Acetone-free nail polish remover which is specially formulated for use on the thin fragile nails without drying out the nails or surrounding skin offers an alternative choice for whom doesn’t want to use acetone as nail polish remover.

Fresh’n Soft posses an immense role in feminine beauty, thanks to its wide product range which is developed for specific needs and different body parts and has pH balance of skin. Overall the brand offers a safe hygiene journey.