COSMED Glabrous reducing hair care series

p7It’s time for preparations for the summer: We wage war to unwanted hair!

Acting on the hair follicle with a specially developed dual active formula COSMED glabrous series, helps thinning the structure of unwanted hair, reduce the density and prevent re-occurrence in regular use. Used after hair removal (waxing, laser, tweezers, rope, etc.) at the first 3 days, COSMED Glabrous Hair Reducer Serum helps to delay the hair growth by taking control of the hair with herbal active ingredient CAPISLOW ™ in its content. COSMED Glabrous Hair Reducing Body Lotion contributes to a reduction in hair density with CAPISLOW ™ and DEPILINE ™. Summer isn’t just the season for shorts and bathing suits: it’s also when we wage war against unwanted hair. There are plenty of options, from waxes to creams to the good old razor; but each one can be smelly, painful for sensitive skin or harmful to the environment. Get the smooth skin you want without those side effects by making one of these simple swaps.