Cosmed 24H Ultra Moisturizing & Nourishing Cream

p6One of the most important tasks of the skin is ensuring healthy, soft, supple skin structure by preserving of the moisture balance of the skin.

Exposure to UV rays, excessive contact with water, soap and / or detergent will cause loss of moisture in skin. Skin can be more sensitive with the deterioration of the skin’s moisture balance. With the deterioration of the oil balance, some problems such as cracking and dry in skin may occur. This smoothing, cooling formula works to re-establish the appearance of elasticity while effectively providing moisture to skin that has undergone cosmetic treatments. Treats skin that has undergone cosmetic treatments. Treats skin affected by prolonged exposure to environmental elements. Reduces the appearance of redness while cooling the skin. Reverses the signs of deterioration to the skin’s elastic tissue to reduce the look of fine lines with Aquarich ™. An excellent moisture balancing agent. It is substantive to the skin, thus helping to keep skin hydrated all day / night. COSMED DAY  TO DAY Ultra Moisturizing & Nourishing Cream, as soon as the moisture to the skin to increase the capacity of the skin for 24 hours and was developed to help repair dry appearance.