Burhan İsen, “We supply innovative cancer medicines to patients quickly”

p9In order to raise awareness about cancer awareness on 4th of February, Cancer Day, Burhan İsen, Pharmacist, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Drug Distribution Center, said, “Cancer diseases is an increasing health problem worldwide.

Innovative drugs are known to have an active role in cancer therapy. Therefore, we provide these drugs to our patients as soon as possible dedicated to increase the supply diagnosed cancer survival rates and quality of life of patients.” Drug Distribution Center, was authorized by the Turkish Ministry of Health to supply the unregistered drugs to be used in the treatment of diseases such as cancer. He stated, “Our biggest advantage that has created a difference with our service in this century is our corporate structure that grows stronger each passing day and our team of motivated and qualified professionals. As a team we believe in specialization, we focus on it and think, plan and realize projects to be the best at what we do. The importance of responsibility and fair treatment within our corporate structure has always come first. We believe that the foundation of this company is “people,” and that the key to sustainability and quality are the people that make up that company. We are conscious of that fact that our good governance company philosophy that rests on a solid foundation and unshakable principles with strong spiritual ties will always contribute to a sustainable strength to us.”