Babies to be more comfortable with Canbebe ComfortDry

p44With soft tissue which does not irritate skin, structure which entraps the liquid, Canbebe ComfortDry provides baby to sleep well at night

Canbebe ComfortDry newborn diapers for the needs of 2 and 5 kilos weight baby in the weight offers a combination of dryness and comfort. The product resiliently grips the baby’s body through anatomical design. Newborn diaper is the most valuable in the first month for baby to recognize the outside world. providing baby’s needs with the comfort and confidence of the baby’s skin with a special textile outer surface breathable, Canbebe ComfortDry is more comfortable for newborn babies. Offered in 14-Standard, Super, Jumbo 48 and 84 packages, Canbebe will be the preference for mothers who consider health of the baby and want to be in the confidence.