Abdi İbrahim Becomes the First Turkish Company to Sign the Recover Better Statement for a Better Environment

A key advocate of sustainability action, Abdi İbrahim has pledged its support to global environment initiatives alongside its already-strong national and international contribution to the COVID-19 recovery efforts. Abdi İbrahim became the first Turkish signatory of the Recover Better statement, a joint effort by the Science Based Targets initiative and the UN, as one of the 155 companies that call for policies and action to continue the environmental recovery resulting from limited human movement during the pandemic and aim to maintain this positive impact in a sustainable manner in the future with support from businesses and organizations.


Oğuzcan Bülbül, Abdi İbrahim

Abdi İbrahim, leading the industry on sustainability by always prioritizing efforts to leave a “better” mark on the society and world, became one of the signatories of the Recover Better statement, a joint initiative by the Science Based Targets initiative and the United Nations aiming to continue the positive impact of the climate action in the COVID-19 recovery process. Abdi İbrahim is the first Turkish company to become a signatory of the statement.

Part of the Science Based Targets initiative, Abdi İbrahim pledged its support for the Recover Better statement, urging governments around the world to align their COVID-19 economic aid and recovery efforts with the latest climate change. The Recover Better statement was signed by 155 companies with a combined market capitalization of over US$ 2.4 trillion and representing over 5 million employees. The statement calls governments to set and work towards science-based targets in their spending as part of economic recovery packages, accelerate the transition to a low-carbon economy, focus on the efforts to limit global warming to 1.5°C and integrate sustainability into all levels of public policymaking.

“The world is going through a challenging period due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Yet, the measures taken in response have started a significant environmental recovery due to limited human movement,” said Oğuzcan Bülbül, Abdi İbrahim Public Affairs and Corporate Communications Director. “As such, it would be safe to say that this current situation, which has provided important lessons for governments, organizations and individuals, has a positive impact on climate change. In order to continue this recovery in the future, environment action must come from sustained, conscientious efforts rather than pandemics or other global disasters.”

“At Abdi İbrahim, we understand that we have an important role to play in the fight against climate change. The COVID-19 pandemic revealed the importance of sustainability once again, and we remain committed to integrate it into our business. Fully aware that human health directly linked with the health of our planet, we continue to take part in solutions that will improve our world and our future. For us, it is a matter of pride to become the first Turkish signatory of the Recover Better statement, which is a joint effort between Science Based Targets initiative and the UN. We hope to set an example in our industry.”

Recently, Abdi İbrahim took a significant step in its commitment to heal the future and the world by signing the UN Global Compact initiative CEO Water Mandate to support water policy and action on the global scale.

The company is also a signatory of the “Business Community Plastic Initiative”, a joint undertaking between Global Compact Turkey, Business World and Sustainable Development Association (SKD Turkey) and Turkish Industry and Business Association (TUSIAD). Abdi İbrahim has also set important targets in this context, such as becoming a member of leading global organizations advocating sustainability, such as CPD and RE100, and obtaining the “B Corp Certification” in the medium term.

In 2020, Abdi İbrahim transitioned to a 100% renewable energy supply in its production facilities, starting with its manufacturing processes. The company aims to expand the scope of renewable energy use gradually to its entire business from supply and logistics and raw material procurement to marketing and sales towards the end-consumer side to eliminate its carbon footprint by 2030.





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