3th Pharmacy Date Starts in South

p48Organized by Mersin Chamber of Pharmacists, hosted jointly by the 11 Chamber of Pharmacists, 3th Pharmacy Date Starts in South held Mersin Yenişehir Kültür Merkezi for the third time this year.

Held in 17 to 18 January 2015, theme of the meeting was “Consultant Pharmacist, Strong Pharmacy” Carried out with the theme of “Consultant Pharmacist, Strong Pharmacy”, by region Pharmacy Pharmacist, the organization will be held with the support of Afiş Turizm. The following subjects discussed in the organization: Drug-Nutrient Interactions in Turkey, The Role and Importance of Orthopaedic Products in pharmacy, feeding of baby milk, Global Trends and Turkey in Pharmaceutical Industry, Changing Dynamics in Changing Pharmacy Sales, key for Healthy Lives and microbiota in detail.