2013 Was a Year of New Investments

One of the long-established pharmaceutical manufacturers of Turkey, DEVA Holding, earned turnover of 418.4 million TL in 2013.

DEVA Holding, which made investment of 84.3 million TL and released 10 new products to the market last year, continues with its investments without easing down. DEVA Holding aims to be one of the first three companies in pharmaceutical sector in 2014. DEVA Holding, one of the first 5 companies in pharmaceutical sector in Turkey, exhibited a successful performance in 2013 and raised its aims. DEVA Holding Chairman of Executive Board and CEO Philipp Haas, who made a speech in the press meeting held in Swiss Otel on March 19, 2014, stated that the profit of the company with turnover of 418.4 million TL in 2013, was realized as 24.6 million TL. The company, which gained such accomplishment in a pretty tough year, aims to raise its position in Turkish Pharmaceutical Sector from the fourth rank to a position within the first three.

2 New Facilities

Having achieved a fast beginning in 2014 with the slogan 4G (Venture, Development, Trust, Strength) made an investment of 2 new facilities in areas of “Oncology” and “Respiration”. Production plants with close are of 1000 m2 in total in Çerkezköy where the Oncology and Respiratory drugs, mainly required to be imported to Turkey, will be domestically manufactured, will be put into service in May 2014. Investment made for production plants in 2013 was approximately 35 million TL in total. DEVA Holding also released 10 new drugs to the market in its current production plants and preserved its strong and innovative position in Turkish Pharmaceutical Sector. For the new products developed in 2013, approximate R&D investment equals to 30 million TL. DEVA Holding Chairman of Executive Board and CEO Philipp Haas, having given the good news that 2 new production plants in the fields of Liquid Oncology and Respiration equipped with the stateof- the-art technology are ready, expressed that the new products to be manufactured in the Liquid Oncology plant, which has become ready for production after the finalization of audit by the Ministry of Health and in the Respiration Plants, to be subject to audit of the Ministry of Health in May after their constructive activities are completed and which will be ready for production, will make significant contribution to the health budget of the government. Having stated that: “These types of drugs, required to be imported as they cannot be manufactured in Turkey, cause outflow of millions of foreign currency from government each year. In our new facilities, to commence operations as DEVA İlaç, we will manufacture products to be used for treatment of cancer, asthma and COPD. As such, we will contribute to reduction of import and play a role in balancing the current deficit as pharmaceutical sector.”, DEVA Holding Chairman of Executive Board and CEO Philipp Haas indicated that Turkey is a country with great potential to develop and manufacture new products; however, the domestic manufacturers should be strengthened to this end. Philipp Haas expressed that “The government provides prominent support to the pharmaceutical sector in respect of R&D; very successful projects are realized with support of TUBITAK. If the government provides such support also for “low-priced products” and “exchange rate regulation”, I sincerely believe that domestic pharmaceutical sector will carry out surveys to render service for finding new therapeutic ways and will gain several achievements with new investments within a very short period of time.”

8 More Drugs

Philipp Haas stated that marketing authorizations of 2 drugs for sales of Deva products in Germany are ready and marketing authorizations of 8 more drugs will be released, to enable sales in different European countries within 2014. Philipp Haas, having pointed out that there some procedures making it difficult to export drugs, which are manufactured in Turkey and which have received marketing authorizations in foreign countries for enabling sales abroad, to Europe said that Turkish drugs lost their competitive advantage in Europe because of this and that the government should continue to support domestic pharmaceutical sector in this regard. Within the first half of 2014, Deva Holding will release the highly innovative products, the manufacturing processes of which it has completed in the area of “Ophthalmology” (Eye Diseases) in its production plants in İzmit Kartepe in 2013. Thanks to products to be manufactured in this plant, Deva Holding will gain the position of “first domestic manufacturer” making production in its own production plants with different forms of presentation in Turkey in the area of eye diseases. With innovative eye products developed with the slogan “We look at the same with different view”, DEVA Holding, now, has become one of the greatest pharmaceutical companies which can present product in almost all therapeutic groups from cancer to asthma, from common cold to eye.