Berko Pharmaceuticals Supports schools

p28Berko Pharmaceuticals distributed tablets to 5 schools with ‘sister schools’ social responsibility proj

Donating a total of 150 tablets to 5 schools in Manisa, Tokat, Bingol, Batman and Van, Berko Pharmaceuticals provided an important contribution to students for access to information and personal development. The tablets are delivered to schools by especially Eylem Beran, Berko Pharmaceuticals Member of Board, Corporate Communications Director and managers and employees. Beran said, “We saw that all students and teachers were waiting prepared for us as we entered the school yard. We are welcomed with great enthusiasm and flowers. We have been honored with certificate of appreciation. It was a great joy and happiness to be witness sparkle in children eyes. We had the honor of being the member of Berko and part of such a beautiful project. We will continue to carry out social responsibility projects in the coming period.”