“Useful pacifier” for babies

Philips Avent Ultra Air Nighttime Pacifier range provides the most beneficial pacifier use for parents and babies with its extra large holes to keep skin dry, and a glow-in-the-dark design.


The pacifier models in the Philips Avent Ultra Air Nighttime Pacifier, which always thinks and designs the best for parents and babies, keep your baby’s skin dry thanks to their extra large air holes. Pacifiers in the Ultra Air Nighttime Range collection according to different age types support your baby’s oral development by adapting to the natural shape of the palate, teeth and gums with their special design. In addition, thanks to its silky softness, it offers light and comfortable use to your baby.

No more searching for a pacifier in the dark!

Thanks to the glow-in-the-dark design of Ultra Air, you can easily find your baby’s pacifier without turning on the lights and allow your baby to have a comfortable night without interrupting their sleep. You can also sterilize the pacifier with a little water in the microwave oven with the travel container of Ultra Air.

Ultra Air Nighttime Pacifiers, which have an orthodontic design for the development of oral and dental health, do not contain BPA and are offered to you in a 2-pack.