The essentials of your bag are from BEEO!

Anatolian propolis producer BEE’O has prepared the fixtures of your holiday bag for you…


For conditions that require intense moisture such as itching after sunburn, insect bites, S.O.S. Intensive Care Cream supports your skin to repair itself with the bee venom and royal jelly it contains. BEE’O 10% drops, BEE’O On The Go and BEE’O Shots provide the daily vitamins your body needs during the holidays. With the sunscreen set that your whole family needs, it provides full protection against the harmful UVA and UVB rays of the sun, while helping to prevent the formation of sunspots.

BEE’O APICARE S.O.S Intensive Care Cream

With the arrival of summer, sunburns, spots, skin dryness and minor injuries come to the fore. In this case, “BEE’O APICARE S.O.S Intensive Care Cream” with its natural formula becomes our biggest helper. BEE’O APICARE S.O.S Intensive Care Cream contains pure Anatolian propolis, royal jelly, raw honey, hyaluronic acid, olive oil, mineral zinc, vitamins B5 and E. During periods when your skin is sensitive and dry and needs intensive moisture care, this natural formula is a great solution for you. Bee venom and royal jelly content helps your skin repair itself. This unique formula, which can be applied to lips, hands, heels, knees/legs and elbows/arms whenever the skin needs intense moisture care, will not be missing from your holiday bag.

BEE’O Water Soluble Propolis Drops

BEE’O offers an easy way to consume propolis with Water Soluble Propolis Drops. You can add BEE’O Water-Soluble Propolis Drops directly to water, or you can consume it by mixing it with liquid foods such as milk and fruit juice. This product, which adults can consume 20-80 drops a day and children 10-40 drops a day, directly or by adding it to warm or cold liquid foods, contains 10% pure Anatolian propolis.

BEE’O Propolis Power Pomegranate Red Ginseng Shot

With BEE’O Propolis Red Ginseng Shot, consisting of a mixture of bitter melon, red ginseng and Anatolian propolis, it is possible to add both naturalness and flavor to your diet during the holiday. 1 BEE’O Propolis Power Pomegranate Red Ginseng Shot meets your daily vitamin C needs with its vitamin C content.

BEE’O ON the Go

BEE’O On the Go Propolis- Turmeric- Ginger- Cinnamon and Raw Honey mixture, with its 100% natural content and disposable packaging, is with you on your travels. It is possible to consume it directly, by adding it to your cold and warm drinks or with your fruit yoghurt.

BEE’O Apicare Body Sunscreen

With its completely natural and clean content, the cream developed by the experts at the BEE’O Propolis R&D center, pure Anatolian propolis and natural mineral filter protects your skin against the harmful rays of the sun, while maintaining the moisture balance of your body. This product, which contains Anatolian propolis, non-nano zinc, shea butter and Aloe vera, does not contain colorants, additives, preservatives and parabens.