Polifarma: “We Stand by Life!”

Contributing to public health and the health sector in Turkey, with 100% domestic capital, Polifarma has set its new motto as “We Stand by Life!” on the occasion of its 35th anniversary. Declaring that they provide benefits not only in the field of health but also many benefits from education to sports, from the environment to other social issues in order to make life more livable with the motto of “We Stand by Life”, Vildan Kumrulu, Vice Chairman of Polifarma Pharmaceuticals, stated also that with every step taken by Polifarma, they aim to provide more benefits for life.

Underlining that the newly generated motto, although it seems very simple, actually covers everything that life includes, Vildan Kumrulu, Vice Chairman of Polifarma Pharmaceuticals, said, “As Polifarma, we have a culture dedicated to saving and sustaining life. For this, we have always focused on creating benefits, always offering the best to our colleagues, society and our country since the first day of our establishment. As our motto explains the importance of human and public health, it is necessary to constantly improve, and to appreciate the people who work in the field of health, it also covers science, art, sports, education, civil society and solidarity that will make life more livable.”

Polifarma will benefit in all areas of life with “Polifayda”
Noting that producing benefit is in Polifarma’s DNA, Kumrulu stated that from now on, they will carry out all their social responsibility projects under the umbrella of “Polifayda” in order to provide more benefits for life. Kumrulu talked about the projects as follows, “We have implemented the Pharmacist Necdet Nuri Kumrulu scholarship fund in cooperation with TED for the benefit of education. We develop new projects in the field of utility for nature and art. We continue to work on our Polifayda ecosystem, where we will include our colleagues in our benefit activities and see them more active in terms of social benefit outside of business life. We aim to provide more benefit in every step we take with Polifayda projects.”

“We export branded products to 60 countries”
Declaring that Polifarma developed over 700 generic drugs in 35 years and offers more than 500 drugs in Turkey, more than 40 drugs to the European Union countries and the health sector in the USA, Kumrulu said, “As of March 2011, we completed and opened our most comprehensive and modern parenteral solution production facility in Turkey. We achieved a good momentum by expanding our branded exports, which were 22 countries in 2018, to 60 countries as of 2021. As of 2021, we achieved 27 percent growth in exports. In terms of turnover, we grew by 41% compared to the previous year. We had the pride of sending products to European countries during the pandemic period. With the support of Turquality, we aim to become a global brand by increasing our branded exports in the near future.”