Nobelyum continues on its way with innovations

Nobelyum continues on its way with innovations… The Nobelyum digital platform, implemented by Nobel İlaç, provides uninterrupted, sustainable medical and scientific services to health professionals, especially physicians and pharmacists, with its rich site architecture and content. Canan Türkkan, Digital Marketing Manager of Nobel Pharmaceuticals gave information about the successful journey of the Nobelyum digital platform, whose brand name was newly registered, from its establishment to the present day.

Noting that the importance of digitalization has emerged in every field during the pandemic process, Nobel Pharmaceuticals Digital Marketing Manager Canan Türkkan said that they will also implement new projects on the platform and made the following statements: “Today, with the rapid development of technology, digital transformation has become the basic necessity of every sector. We have seen very clearly the importance of digitalization in every field, especially during the pandemic process we have been through. As Nobel Pharmaceuticals, we owe our strong place in the sector to our corporate culture, which can quickly adapt to innovations. Being able to use our innovative digital assets and technologies, which we use while doing business, while also providing services, is of vital importance for the sector we are in. As Nobel Pharmaceuticals, in our journey that we call “Value for Health”, we quickly adapted to this process with the increasing need for digital transformation and digitalization. As one of the best examples of this change, we launched Nobelyum, our digital portal that we built for healthcare professionals, and made it available to healthcare professionals unconditionally. With the platform, we offer an uninterrupted, sustainable medical and scientific service to health professionals, including physicians and pharmacists, with its rich site architecture and content.

Nobelyum, which we have developed step by step in accordance with innovative digital and technological trends, in every field, especially the live broadcast infrastructure, currently serves its users as a digital portal that offers 360 degree up-to-date content. We have more than 7100 health professional members, especially doctors and pharmacists, on our portal, which we have implemented with the slogan of ‘1 Dose of Nobelium Every Day’. Nobelyum brings together brand new scientific and medical contents in the field of Current Developments with our healthcare professionals. In addition, we offer the opportunity to access some of the leading scientific journals of the medical world, and as of March, we will offer the opportunity to use RX media to all our registered physicians. Again, we will accelerate the access of physicians to product information and reimbursement conditions through our website.

In order to provide different experiences to our users within the platform, we have an area of current developments and podcast content. We wanted to share an important section of the lives of very valuable people who have made very meaningful contributions to medicine and Turkish medicine with the “Life Dedicated to Medicine” series, a project that we think is very special both for us and for Turkish medicine, with our podcast area to inspire young people, and build a bridge from the past to the future. The interest in our podcast series with high click rates in a short time and the feeling of leaving a nice archive for the future inspired us for new podcast projects. This important portal, which we continue to grow by adding full content, new modules and features, continues its digital journey with brand new projects and content, as it has been since its first day.”

Live broadcasts with medical content meet health professionals

Stating that online meetings are held for health professionals, Türkkan said, “We are holding important meetings for our health professionals on the basis of branches and expertise in our Nobelium Live Broadcasts area, our products and related treatment fields. To date, we have held more than thirty meetings, both in webinar mode and Zoom-based, through our portal.”

Access to the peer-reviewed scientific journal Nobel Medicus via the platform

“Nobel Medicus, the only peer-reviewed scientific journal that we have been offering to healthcare professionals for many years as Nobel Pharmaceuticals and unconditionally supported by a pharmaceutical company, is a journal that is on the shelves of the British Library, as well as accepted by many national and international indexes and libraries. It also makes us happy that our journal is on our Nobelium platform, with its multi-disciplinary structure and the uniqueness of the number of scientists it has reached. We continue to offer our Medicus magazine to the access of our healthcare professionals in the most active and up-to-date version on the Nobelyum website. Our access to Medicus is a very important pillar of the scientific service on our Nobelyum digital platform.”

1 dose of Nobelium per day

“The Nobelium platform is a digital platform where healthcare professionals from different disciplines/branches can benefit uninterruptedly and can quickly access up-to-date medical information and latest developments thanks to all the features offered in the portal. Nobelyum, which has different modules such as current developments, medical news, live broadcasts, podcasts, meetings and events, not only allows users to follow important developments on the agenda, but also makes communication between healthcare professionals and all stakeholders practical.

Thanks to the Medical Publications area of Nobelyum, where an average of 200 scientific publications are viewed per month, physicians can access the archive of all relevant scientific publications and current publications. Nobelyum, our digital platform developed for healthcare professionals, has become an example and followed by our stakeholders in our units in international markets.

In addition to providing fast and easy access to medical information, which is the most important need of health professionals, we continue to bring current and trend developments together with them rapidly. We care about the preferences of accessing information, and we produce content with channels that can appeal to all our members every new day. We care about feedback and use a pop-up survey system where they can share their on-site experiences. We meticulously collect data security and communication preferences of our healthcare professionals, and offer 360-degree secure access to medical information and an online portal experience. We can continuously update the information of our healthcare professional members regarding the latest developments in science and innovations in the treatment fields in which we operate. With the invaluable medical services (medical/scientific publications) we provide through our portal, we contribute to the professional lives of our physicians and facilitate their access to information with a single click.

Nobelium, the largest digital asset of Nobel Pharmaceuticals, has now become an important communication channel for Nobel Pharmaceuticals, beyond being a project.