Mother’s choice, Wee Baby is continuing its innovations

As the market leader in its sector, Wee Baby continues to meet mothers’ expectations with innovations for Baby and Mother products concentrating on feeding bottles and soothers.


With the technological developments in Mother and baby product categories, mothers demand for functional products and services are increasing. Search for quality and trusted brands are on the rise and consumers wants to reach these easily.  In order to fulfil this demand Wee Baby analyses new trends and mothers’ needs and continues to innovate to answer these trends & needs paying special attention to raw materials using FDA approved raw materials that can freely contact with food.

Chargeable breastpump in the market
Wee Baby continues to take solid steps to strengthen its market leadership with new innovations. Analyzing the needs of Mother’s and babies Wee Baby constantly works on developing and renovating its product range. As a strong supporter of breast feeding Wee Baby helps mother to breastfeed their babies with the new Ultra Portable Chargeable Breast Pump. Ultra Portable Chargeable Breast Pump enables mothers to express breastmilk without any need of electric power. The product is compatible with any USB power source like powerbanks and laptops for charging as well as its own charger. The new breast pump is so small that it fits into your palm. So, it can be easily used at any time without affecting mothers’ social life.

Soothers that can be easily found in the dark
Another product developed by Wee Baby is the night-time soother. This product is developed directly according to consumer insight and offers a solution to a major difficulty of finding the soother without light. Night-time Night-time soothers can be easily found without turning the lights on and without interrupting baby’s sleep with its luminous color shining in the dark. As they have no handle, the soothers produce no sound during sucking and help the babies to take a good sleep through the night. At the same time its orthodontical structure supports natural palate and teeth development.