Healthy Investments in Health

Recently, we started to hear the word “fire” very often in pharmaceutical industry.

People try to express their situation saying and asking “We burnt, we are burning, how are we going to escape?” In fact, they are right. Even though the governmental bodies are listening and trying to solve the problem, “An ember burns where it falls”… Various suggestions, advices, guidance are offered by the authorities. Production with added value thus increasing the export is one of them. This way, it is suggested that the way out of fire is to export, especially to the neighboring countries. Many people give ideas, on the other hand sound solutions are minute amount.

At this stage, we have to do what we have to do. Again, it seems that export is the way out. No matter how far or near it is. With the help of universities, industry, our exporters associations, exhibition organizers, our media and related government agencies, hopefully we will find a way out of fire. Without losing any time, we should unite our energy. IKMIB (Istanbul Chemicals&Chemical Products Exporters Assn.), which has achieved important successes in its field and is a star among our exporters associations, led by Honorable Murat AKYÜZ, will never leave Turkish pharmaceutical industry alone on the path of exports. İhlas Magazine Group, which have introduced Turkish exporters in the international markets successfully for almost 33 year, already started to support Turkish pharmaceutical industry with Pharma Turkey magazine. By the way, it does not escape from our attentions that the global players of the pharmaceutical industry is closely interested in Turkish pharmaceutical industry. It should not be ruled out that they want to take advantage of the potential of our pharmaceutical industry by building partnerships or purchasing.

As Pharma Turkey team, we celebrate May 14th Pharmacists Day of our pharmacists. Good bye till we meet with our next issue.

General Coordinator