Food supplement use increased to 73% in the pandemic

Pills and capsules in wooden spoon with fresh fruits.Multivitamins and supplement from fruits concept.

While consumer research shows that the pandemic has led consumers towards healthy living and healthy eating, the interest in supplements, functional foods and dietary supplements has also increased. Research by the Society for Food Supplements and Nutrition showed that 7 out of 10 people in the pandemic took supplements. As the global food supplement market continues to grow, a supplement company from Türkiye acquired a Turkish origin supplement brand to generate a global brand.

The pandemic has dramatically changed the way many people live. While sports and exercise have become a part of life, eating healthy and taking advantage of natural supplements when necessary has become a habit. According to the results of the research conducted by the Food Supplement and Nutrition Association in collaboration with Nielsen in the middle of last year, the intake of food supplements increased to 73% during the pandemic period. According to the same report, the increase in confidence in food supplements was recorded as 38%. Abdullah Talha Taban, Member of Board, Full Supplement A.Ş.  pointed out that this trend, which started with the pandemic, is still up-to-date in these days when its effects have diminished. Vitamin and mineral supplements, immune-supporting products and collagen supplements attract great attention due to the long winter of the year.As Full Supplement, we have already incorporated Qlife, one of the leading food supplement brands in Türkiye, in the first quarter of 2022. With the strength of our Full Supplement expertise, our R&D investments and our experience in the supplement industry, we get ready to make the Qlife brand a global brand.”

“The need for food supplements increases with the return to the office”

Reminding that companies that have switched to remote working during the pandemic have now completely returned to the office or have started to switch to a hybrid working order, Abdullah Talha Taban said, “Situations such as commuting to the office at least five days a week, using public transportation and changing eating and drinking habits in the office can be challenging at first for individuals who are used to working from home. In this period when the need for natural building blocks such as vitamins, minerals and probiotics will increase, taking support from supplements as well as paying attention to nutrition will facilitate the transition process. Among the options that can be included in the daily routine of Qlife, which we purchased with the vision of transforming ‘Turkey’s Vitamin Warehouse’ into a world brand as Full Supplement, our vitamin, mineral, collagen and immune-supporting products can be beneficial. Considering that one out of every two people in Turkey uses food supplements for their children, we can offer special and natural products not only for adults but also for our children who go to school. For example, Qlife Vitamin + Mineral Gummies, an innovative and new generation food supplement family that we offer in soft candy form with the motto ‘The Most Fun Form of Vitamins’, makes supplement foods delicious and easy to consume with its chewable gel form, and appeals to adults and children at the same time.”

“We offer Ministry-approved, halal-certified, domestic supplements”

Drawing attention to the fact that food supplements, which are completely domestically produced, can be found in Turkey’s most visited e-commerce platforms, markets and selected pharmacies, Abdullah Talha Taban, Member of Board, Full Supplement A.Ş. said, “As raw materials, we offer supplements with approved quality standards and scientifically proven reliability in forms such as tablets, capsules, sachets, gummy, liquid, effervescent, with the motto ‘Increase Your Quality of Life’. All of the Qlife branded food supplement products, which are currently sold with 24 different supplements, have ISO 9001, ISO 22000, ISO 14001, GMP, HACCP certificates, as well as approvals from the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry. In addition, we aim to increase the number of our products, which also have Halal Food Certificate and quality certificates, to over 30 with the investments we will make in 2022. In our activities, which we carry out with the mission of bringing natural products together with the end consumer so that humanity can lead a healthy and quality life, we have the vision of being among the leading companies of the sector in domestic and international markets and online sales of healthy life products. Gaining consumer trust with our high quality, additive-free, human and environment-friendly products that comply with legal obligations is among our top priorities. Our long-term goal is to turn Qlife into a global brand and compete with global players.”