Food allergies may cause of insomnia in babies

p46Children’s Allergy expert Assoc. Dr. Akgül Akpınarlı Antony, informed about sleep problems and food allergies in children

Your baby may have insomnia due to food allergies. Perhaps there is a very good chance that your baby is allergic to milk products. Even if you baby is allergic to milk that does not mean that by age four, the issue will not have resolved itself and the child will then be able to properly process milk products but for now, milk is not going to work. Of course, this can’t be an assumption that you make on your own as baby will have to see the doctor first. If your baby is allergic to cow’s milk, which is in plenty of infant formulas, there will be other symptoms present too such as shortness of breath and stomach upset which may or may not include vomiting. Although food allergies are rarely a cause for insomnia in adults, it can sure cause baby many sleepless nights until the culprit is found. Insomnia is a disruption of the sleep cycle that includes difficulties with getting to sleep, difficulty staying asleep, and possibly early morning awakenings. In children, insomnia can last a few nights or can be long term, lasting weeks. Children with sleep anxiety may have insomnia. Other insomnia triggers include daily or chronic stress, pain, or mental health issues.