Do not loose your health when you have hair transplant

Engin Ulutan, Turkey Manager of DS Laboratories – one of the leading companies of hair and skin care industry in USA – said that; two out of every three men are affected from hair loss and explained what are the important issues should a person give importance if such person wants to have hair transplantation

Ulutan expresses that; today, as hair transplantation advances and develops rapidly; people take wrong steps and chose wrong treatment methods without making necessary preliminary investigation and without being properly informed. Therefore the do not obtain get results. According to Ulutan; first thing to do, is to determine the reasons of hair loss. Ulutan states that; the patients who find out the reason of hair loss take better and healthier decisions and he says: “Hair transplantation is one other application which can provide good effects if it is done by experienced professionals at the right time and after proper determinations.”


1. Investigate the reason of hair loss

You can find the reason of your hair loss by having health and blood tests. There are many reasons of hair loss and finding the right reason will help you choose the appropriate method of therapy.

2. Are you eligible for hair transplantation?

Learn whether you are eligible for hair transplantation in terms of your health by being examined by a specialist doctor and sharing your medical history with the doctor.

3. Determine how many grafts (hair follicles) you have right to make transplanted.

Unfortunately, one of the factors unknown to most patients is how many hair follicles can be transplanted to their scalp. The area called “donor area” at the back part of scalp of each person gives information about how many grafts can be taken from that person. The people have chance to get 5000-7000 grafts from this area. So, the people who think: “If I loose my hair, I will have hair transplantation as much as I want” are wrong. Also, people may continue to loose hair from other parts of scalp where it is not implemented hair transplantation. If it is taken wrong decision about the number and area of transplantation, it is inevitable the emergence of non-natural results.

4. Ask your doctor the risk of “shock loss”

One other factor which should be considered in hair transplantation is the loss that may occur due to the shock experienced in operating results. Shock loss can be observed in transplanted hair as well as being observed in natural existing hair after untimely or failed hair transplantations. Generally, hair follicles are damaged and hair is lost –even more than the hair planted – after untimely or failed hair transplantations. In order to avoid this, it is important to apply the right hair extension therapies at the right time. Especially, your hair follicles can be protected by using topical solutions or alternative therapies and boosters before and after hair transplant operations and therefore, shock loss risk can be eliminated while obtaining a greater efficiency.

5. Pay attention to use of drugs!

The use of some drugs such as blood thinners, painkillers etc, should be stopped before the operation. You should talk to your doctor and be informed of the medications that you should use or stop to use.

6. Find the right surgeon, the right doctor and the right hospital

As Turkey has become one of the most important bases in hair transplantation; the number of professionals and institutions operating in this area has increased. Make sure that; the surgeon and the institution you choose have required documents, licenses and experience.

7. Learn to Risks

Be prepared to accept the possible results in realistic limits and decide after learning to the risks that may arise.