Comfortable and Healthy Skin with INCIA Egzaderm ™ Kit


Combining the healing power and purity of nature with high technology, INCIA offers an effective solution with the Egzaderm ™ Kit to the intense dry problem faced by sensitive skin in cold winter months. Egzaderm ™ Kit, which provides 100 % natural benefit especially for skin problems that are adversely affected by cold and dry air in the winter months, consists of INCIA intensive moisturizing liquid soap and Aromaterra Comforting Touch aromatherapy oil.

INCIA Egzaderm ™ Kit, which can be easily used by those who experience excessive drying and cracking on the skin in the winter season, offers a noticeable improvement in the skin for regular use thanks to its 100% natural ingredients.

Close friend of your skin; INCIA intensive moisturizing natural liquid soap
INCIA intensive moisturizing natural liquid soap, which can be used in hands and body, helps prevent redness on the skin with the Safflower oil (Linoleic acid) it contains. At the same time, it supports soothing the skin with its special formula macademia oil.

Developed with a special patented formula different from traditional soaps, INCIA intensive moisturizing liquid soap provides effective moisturization in the hand and body thanks to its rich content. The product, which is especially recommended for very dry skin types, positively affects the healing process of the skin within the scope of holistic treatment. Since the liquid soaps with chemical content used by the patients during the skin treatment process cause recurrence of skin conditions, the treatment process is incomplete. Adopting a holistic health approach, INCIA offers positive solutions to everyone with various skin problems with its products with completely natural ingredients.

The perfect favor from nature; A Relaxing Touch, aromatherapy oil
Another holistic treatment product group of INCIA, aromatherapy oils also draw attention with suggestions that increase the quality of life of those who use it. A Relaxing Touch, aromatherapy oil suitable for the use of all sensitive skin, is among the indispensable skin care products of the winter months.

Aromaterra A Comforting Touch helps to eliminate stress or skin conditions caused by different reasons thanks to its effective formula developed using pure and natural essential oils in INCIA BioArge laboratories. Aromatherapy oil, which provides comfort in the discomfort caused by excessive dryness and rash after itching, also makes its users feel good with its aromatic smell. Containing the healing effect of nature; Apricot kernel oil, false oleaster oil, primrose, borage, sweet orange oil, roman chamomile, camphor, eucalyptus oil, palmarosa, myrrh and natural vitamin E, without any additives and preservatives, helps to relax the skin in a most natural way and reach a healthy appearance.

INCIA is only inspired by nature
INCIA, which does not produce any substance that is not found in nature and does not offer it to its users, offers a holistic well-being in all areas of life by combining only natural resources with high technology.

Genetically modified raw materials, paraben, petrochemicals or synthetic fragrance, thickener, foamer, preservative, color and dye are not included in INCIA products.