BallıMix tube is with you at any time of the day


Ballımix, hazelnut paste with honey which is the Balparmak’s innovative product, now thanks to its new tube packaging can be consumed easily anywhere, and any time of the day. BallıMix, which tastes not from sugar but from honey, offers you a healthy alternative every time you want to have a sweet taste, with its denser hazelnut flavour…

Balparmak’s favourite product, BallıMix, is now available for sale in its new tube packaging so that everyone can enjoy the honey hazelnut paste. The new BallıMix, which the children as well as the adults have enjoyed, brings together the Balparmak honey which has compiled from the Turkey’s most delicious honey, with the hazelnuts from the Eastern Black Sea. BallıMix does not contain processed sugar and has a more hazelnut taste and a more easily spreadable consistency as well. There is also no preservative agents, trans-fat and colorant. BallıMix which is available for sale in 40 gram packages, can be easily consumed anywhere in its new tube packaging.